Il Shim Class Of 2022 Graduate!

After over a year of planning, the Il Shim Program launched virtually on the 5th February 2022 and lasted 8 weeks, concluding with a lovely Graduation ceremony on the 26th March 2022.

The Il Shim Program was an 8-week program aimed at empowering young Unificationists to discover their own relationship with Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and their parents.

Topics covered over the program included “Your Family – The School Of Love”, “Becoming My True Self” and “Purity & Blessing”.

Each session included an icebreaker, reading and discussions about Hoon Dok Hae and/or an explanation about the session topic, as well as an activity, reflection questions, and homework to be completed for the next session.

Parents also had their own two separate sessions, which included an overview of the Matching & Blessing Process by Jane T. and a talk about “Honest Communication” from expert family coach, Mrs. Myrna L. They had a chance to hear from the Il Shim director, discuss with other parents, and reflect between themselves.

The highlight of the program was the 2-Day Retreat, which focused on “Purity & Blessing” and included some fun activities and challenges for participants.

During the retreat, the participants heard talks from Yun-A J. (“God’s Vision for Romantic Love” and “The Three Pillars: Love, Life, and Lineage), Dawn Pollitt (“Leading with our Lifestyle”) and testimonies from Jeong-Hye and Antto H. together as a Blessed couple, Kieran H., and again, Jeong-Hye H.(“Be Clear”, “Be Responsible”, and “Be an Influencer”). Clive Pollitt also gave a talk on “The Greatest Blessing: Meaning and Significance of the Blessing”.

There was also a “Family Night”, with a talk, trivia games, and a chance to get to know each family.

The participants also completed various homework assignments, many which needed to be completed alongside their parents. Examples of homework included a 7-Day prayer condition, 1-day fast, serving their parents, interviewing their parents, creating a family mission statement, multiplying holy items with their parents, watching Divine Principle Lectures and answering questions, and taking “selfies with God”.

It was such a beautiful experience to look at the pictures of families completing these tasks together each week.

The program concluded with a graduation ceremony where each graduate will receive a specially designed “Love, Life, Lineage” purity ring.

During the graduation, the participants committed, with their whole hearts, to the Il Shim Pledge. And in-turn, the community promised their support as well, through their own pledge.

The ceremony included a message from the Il Shim director, Il Shim and community pledges, testimonies from two families, a graduation video, remarks from Jeff Bateman and Rev. Mike and Fumiko Balcomb, the ring ceremony, a personal pledge to their parents/child, and closing prayer followed by three cheers of Og-Mansei. It was a packed schedule, but full of hugs, smiles, dancing, and most importantly love.

Watch the graduation video below or directly on Vimeo.

Special thanks goes out to everyone would made the program possible. This includes Heavenly Parent and True Parents, through which all things are possible, YAYAM USA, Kaleigh M., Sunhwa R., Camerie E., Rev. Mike and Fumiko Balcomb, Betty R., Natasha H., Jeff Bateman, our staff and team leaders, Alma G. and Alex S. for their hard work on the graduation video, Yun-A J., Clive P., Jeong-Hye Y., Antto H., Myrna L., Jane T. and of course, the parents and participants.

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