David Franklin Shares About His HTM Journey

The second video in our Heavenly Tribal Messiahship series of video testimonies. This week we hear from David Franklin as he shares about his personal Heavenly Tribal Messiahship journey. Watch the video below or directly on Vimeo. And check out the whole playlist here. 

Submit In Memoriam for Your Ascended Loved Ones

The Seonghwa Ministry is inviting all of our bereaved Blessed families to post a short bio and send photos of their loved ones to be published in the ‘in Memoriam’ section of the Seonghwa Ministry webpage. We would like to honour and remember all of our beloved members who have ascended to their eternal home. […]

Part 5 Of Our History Of The Unification Church Series Is Available Now!

Originally presented to True Mother as a gift, “The History Of The Unification Church In The United Kingdom” document it is now being made available to our wider membership with part 5 being made available this week. The whole UK portion of the document, which consists of over 80 pages, will be released on a […]