All Of Our National Service Sermons Are Now Easily Watchable!

As it has been over a year since we transitioned into online services, we have made all of the sermons from our National Services easily accessible.  To watch the sermons simply visit the “Worship” area of our website, and click on “Sermons”.  We have all 14 National Service sermons available in addition to sermons given […]

Part 8 Of Our History Of The Unification Church Series Available Now!

Originally presented to True Mother as a gift, “The History Of The Unification Church In The United Kingdom” document it is now being made available to our wider membership with part 8 being made available this week. The whole UK portion of the document, which consists of over 80 pages, will be released on a […]

A Prayer for National Unity

21-Day National Prayer Condition Friday 16th April to Thursday 6th May Dear Family, Fumiko and I would like to invite you to join a special 21-day period of national prayer and devotion starting this coming Friday, April 16 at 6am and running up until May 6th. The focus of the prayer will be for national […]