DONE 021 Development of New Environments

Following the successful completion and development of the DONE educational program over the past 12 years (2008 – 2019), and after an unfortunate forced break in 2020, we are happy to announce the opening of registrations for DONE 021. We are aware that the ongoing pandemic remains an ongoing obstacle, but we are hopeful that […]

‘Mother of Peace’ – Special Discount on Bulk Orders

Offers Ends on 30th June “As I complete this book, one person I dearly miss at this moment is my beloved husband, Father Sun Myung Moon. We spent our lives together to convey and accomplish God’s will … If he were here to witness the publication of this book, his face would shine with a […]

Building Our Blessing – Webinar for Matched Couples

“Advantages and Challenges of an International Blessing“ Tuesday 8th June at 7pm BST The BFD EUME is happy to invite you to the next session of “Building our Blessing”, a series of events with the purpose to support you in your preparation for the Blessing. If you are new to BoB, you can register (and […]