Dr. Balcomb Reflects On Peace Road UK 2021

After 300,000 steps, 154 kilometres and the equivalent of 600 stories of stairs, Peace Road UK has been completed as the team travelled across the entire country from west to east, along Hadrian’s Wall. “Fumiko and I and all the UK Peace Road team send our warm greetings from the city of Newcastle in the […]

Young Members Learn And Grow At The Children’s Summer Camp 2021!

The annual Children’s Summer Camp returned to Cleeve House for a summer of education, growth and fun as the children journeyed on a “Fantastic Quest”. The theme for this year’s Children’s Summer Camp was “Our Fantastic Quest”. We imagined ourselves on an epic fantastical journey, set in the magnificent castle Cleeve House in the idyllic […]

“Companions Of Faith” Young Adults’ Weekend Returns!

Our young adult years are critical in forming our life path and our identity. We make big decisions, from what career we would like to start pursuing, who and how we may marry, where we will live and what values we want to uphold in our lives. There are many challenges to surmount and milestones […]

Japanese 3rd Generation Member Is An Olympic Torchbearer

A young Japanese third-generation member was chosen to be a torchbearer as the Olympic Torch journeyed across Japan as part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Kimiyoshi Hori, son of regional President Hori of FFWPU-Japan, was chosen to be a torchbearer as the Olympic Torch arrived at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building as part of […]