A HTM Story: “Jumping Over Our Shadow” (Part 1)

We hear from Eddie and Patricia Hartley from the Bromley Community as they share about their HTM experiences and sharing the World Peace Blessing. They have entitled this testimony: “Jumping Over Our Shadow” with this being the first part of their testimony, with the second part being made available next week.

Jumping Over Our Shadow

Like most of us, we have had our struggles to keep focused on our HTM work. We knew deep down that it was high time that we complete our tribe, but sometimes in life we need a bit of a nudge from someone to keep going. This actually happened when we welcomed Dr. & Mrs Balcomb to our new flat in the middle of October last year, just before another lockdown. They encouraged us to keep going to complete our HTM task sooner than later, as we were so close.  When we reflected on how our True Mother really wants us to develop a loving and parental heart towards people by reaching out to share the Blessing with them, it gave us renewed energy because we know that sharing good things brings joy. We just needed to jump over our shadow to achieve it.

Preparing Well

Like everything we do in life, we need to prepare well in order to succeed. In our case, we decided to adopt the Universal Peace Federation’s method of sharing the World Peace Blessing with our relatives and friends because it really is universal and all embracing. We found a good explanation about the blessing on the website: We felt that if we feel comfortable about what we are offering, then people will also feel comfortable about receiving it. In October, I wrote to at least 200 people to explain a little about the World Peace Blessing, but after a while, we felt that it was time for action. We are a pragmatic couple, so we thought about practical ways to go about things.  In our case, this involved buying a simple and colourful flask, which we filled the special juice. A good juice which is the very tasty, is Welch’s Grape juice made with Concord Grapes. We bought a small shot glass from Wilkos, where one can buy a pack of four very cheaply. Flask and glass fit nicely into a handbag, or shoulder bag. We put the glass in a sandwich bag for protection and because it would sometimes be used multiple times in a day.

Having gathered our tools together and offered a prayer, we finally set off on the 4th November last year, to bless the first couple in our renewed activity. They were a dear senior Christian couple who used to be our customers when we did a home-based business for seven years in the town where we live. When we arrived at their house, we were so happy to see that they were ready for us and even had their side gate open. The husband invited us round to the back of their house where we were joined by his wife. As we stood on the pathway beside their lovely garden, the sun shone brightly on us while sharing the special World Peace Blessing with that precious couple. To keep things simple regarding how to carry out the toast, we explained that in the spirit of “ladies first”, the wife drinks half and then gives it to her husband, who drinks the other half, while we did the same ourselves. After the toast, Eddie offered a simple prayer. They were so happy and really grateful and we all felt a Heavenly presence with us. I think Heavenly Parent’s let us have that lovely experience to give us the confidence we needed to continue. If asked about the juice, we simply explained that it was ordinary grape juice which had been specially prepared with prayer.

Remote Blessings

We got the brilliant idea to post the Special Juice to people who live far away. We ordered online, several 50 ml plastic containers which had a good seal. Each one when filled with the special juice, was put in a sandwich bag and then in a small padded envelope. Before sending them in the post, we contacted the recipients, suggesting that on receipt of the container, that they put it in their fridge until our agreed time to meet them virtually. Four of the couples were our relatives. They joined us via WhatsApp video calls and then we could share the World Peace Blessing with them face to face, as if we were there with them. We also shared the blessing with two other local couples in that way because of lockdown. One of our friends thanked us sincerely for thinking of them. The other couple were our lovely ex-landlords from a few years ago. After we had shared the blessing with them, we chatted together for nearly an hour via WhatsApp video and caught up with all our respective family news.

Note: When asked about the contents of the packages when posting them, I simply said that they were juice samples. If you would like to know what containers and padded envelopes we used, you are welcome to contact us and we will gladly share the links with you, but I’m sure you will find them yourselves as we did.

Local Blessings

So, brothers and sisters, shall we go on a journey together? Just imagine that it’s you locking your front door and setting off to give the World Peace Blessing to your friends and neighbours who are faithful couples.

Imagine this scene: We were on the way to share the blessing with a couple whom we have known for over twenty years and who also have three daughters like us. On the way, we walked past another couple who were also ex-customers of ours. They were outside doing some gardening and we were so surprised to see each other again after a long time, but we couldn’t stay and chat, as we had an appointment to keep. The husband of the couple we were off to see, has a job which takes him all around the world, but like most people, was currently working from home via zoom, which takes up a lot of his time, which many of you can identify with. His wife had suggested a good time to come when her husband had a break, so we didn’t want to be late. They are a Hindu couple and have always been fascinated by our family. They wanted to know all about how our children and grandchildren were getting on. Their daughters are all clever and all three graduated from University with degrees in various subjects. It was great to exchange news and they were really happy to receive the World Peace Blessing.

On our way home, we spontaneously decided to knock at the door of the couple we had met earlier in their garden. Fortunately, we had enough Special Juice in the flask. Just a tip here: It’s always good to take a little more than you think you will need. We briefly told the couple that we had just shared something called the World Peace Blessing with a couple down the road and explained that the blessing was being shared with faithful couples all over the world, regardless of faith or cultural background and then asked them if they would like to receive it too. They responded straight away by fetching a glass and we blessed them right there and then. It was so spontaneous and lovely.  They said how happy they were that we had returned to the area where we used to live more than seven years ago and we agreed to get together when COVID restrictions are lifted.

Many years ago, we got to know a lovely family who are originally from India and have two cute children. We met them through our home-based business and they listened to all the Divine Principal lectures. The wife is a dedicated Catholic. However, seeing beyond that, we have become close friends and they regard us as their parents and their children feel that we are their grandparents. By some miracle because one or other of them is often at work, we finally found them both at home towards the end of November and were able to share the World Peace Blessing with them. While chatting afterwards, we told them that our 12th grandchild had just been born the previous month and suddenly one of the children said, “And what are we?” to which we replied that of course, they were definitely numbers 13 and 14! It was a delight to chat with them, as we hadn’t seen each other for quite a long time. The wife is an ICU nurse and has been taking care of COVID patients at a local hospital for many months.  She told us how sad it makes her feel when she is often the last person to be seen by someone who is dying, as their relatives are not allowed to be with them.  The husband also works at a different hospital as an engineer, so they have both had to be so careful not to bring the COVID virus home with them. They are good parents and always busy juggling their respective shifts to take care of their children.

Loss Of Focus And Energy

Somehow after that we were busy with other things like sending out Christmas cards and lost focus for a while. We are not the youngest and fittest people these days and all the efforts we were making to share the blessing with so many people were tiring us out. We still had more HTM work to do and if I’m honest, I think we didn’t believe that we could do that so quickly, with only a few weeks left until the end of the year. However, the reality was that sometimes I couldn’t sleep deeply at night because I knew how important it was to establish our tribe. It was on my mind day and night. In fact, one night I was woken up very suddenly by some serious ancestors who, I felt, were strongly urging us to keep going. The following morning when once again looking through our contact list, I knew that we could not reach the hearts of the people on our own, and that we needed a lot of Heavenly help, so we decided to make a 21-day condition until the end of the year. We prayed really sincerely and asked our blessed ancestors to help us because it was also for their benefit that we establish our tribe on this earth, while we are still here to do it.  Isn’t it true that none of us know how long we have here!

Back To Work

After a couple of weeks and with the Christmas cards done, we found more energy, so once again we made another big effort to find more special couples and managed to bless four more within a couple of days of each other. One of those couples we like to call our “Isle of Wight couple” because they spend a lot of their time over there. We didn’t even know if they were people of faith, but when we met them again, they had so much to tell us. The husband had just recovered from COVID and had been very ill, so we first listened to his stories and then he and his wife happily received the World Peace Blessing. How amazing that the heart connection was still there.

When we arrived at the next house, we noticed that their post was lying on the floorby the front door. The couple told us that they always left it there for a day because of COVID, so we were pleasantly surprised when they let us pour the special juice into their glass and happily received the World Peace Blessing from us. We were so amazed at the trust they had in us. It was at times like that, when we really felt the closeness and support from our dear ancestors.

At the next house, we arrived just after the wife had returned from having worked up in London all day. She was tired and a bit grumpy, but her husband was in a jovial mood and immediately fetched a glass so that we could share the World Peace Blessing with them. After that, his wife livened up a lot and we had a good chat. It was a couple of weeks before Christmas and as we were leaving, the husband was telling us funny jokes. We all had a good laugh and felt that our Heavenly Parents were happy too. Bringing joy and hope to people is so important.

We were becoming more courageous. I had written and spoken to another ex-customer, but she had said that she was doing overtime at work, so perhaps we could come another time when things were quieter. As we drove passed her house one day, we noticed that her husband’s van was outside, so we took a chance and were glad to find them both at home. We chatted together for a while and then we happily shared the World Peace Blessing toast together. They live in the same street as our friends and “adopted grandchildren”.

Not long after that, having searched through my database of ex-customers, we decided to drive back to the same street and knocked at the door of another ex-customer at around 10 o’clock in the morning, remembering that the husband was a bus driver. The wife was still in her nightdress, but when we mentioned that we would love to share the World Peace Blessing toast with them, she quickly went upstairs to put her dressing gown on and came down to receive the blessing. We were very sad to hear that the husband had lost his job, due to health issues. Christmas came and went and we were keenly aware that we needed a major miracle to happen, with only 3 days left of 2020 to complete our personal goal.

While on our daily walk around our neighbourhood, we decided to knock on a door where we had known a South African family when we lived close by.  The man who now lives there, answered the door and told us that they had moved up north a few years ago. His first words to us were, “Do I know you?” and then he told his dog, “Trigger” to sit.  This triggered a memory of having met him and his dog in the park during the summer. When we explained that we were sharing the World Peace Blessing with faithful couples, he told us that he had been married to his wife for 53 years and would be happy for us to come back on the following morning because he would need to prepare his wife who is disabled. With just two days left before the end of the year, things didn’t look very hopeful, but when we got home, I again went through our old customer list and found a few more people, BUT after six years, would they remember us? Would they be interested in a World Peace Blessing? We had no idea. – Eddie and Patricia Hartley

To Be Continued Next Week!

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