A HTM Story: “Jumping Over Our Shadow” (Part 2)

We hear from Eddie and Patricia Hartley from the Bromley Community as they share about their HTM experiences and sharing the World Peace Blessing. They have entitled this testimony: “Jumping Over Our Shadow” with this being the second part of their testimony.

An Invitation

I got the inspiration to message our friend the ICU nurse and explained to her that we really wanted to make an offering to God for 2020, knowing that as a Christian, she would understand this. I asked her if any of her friends would also like to receive the World Peace Blessing. She told me that many of her friends were isolating at home, or were in quarantine due to COVID. However, to my surprise, she suddenly messaged me to say that one of her friends and their family, had just finished their quarantine. She gave me their contact details and we were invited to go to their house on the 31st December between 5 – 6 pm. Now we were really motivated. Once again, it was the time to jump over our shadow.

A Leap Of Faith

When Wednesday the 30th December dawned, I felt exhausted, so I sat in my armchair to rest for a while. I tried to relax and let all the tension drain out of my body. I prayed, “Heavenly Parents, we can’t do this on our own. We need You. Please use us to convey your love to the people we visit”. I just knew that we needed to make a strong connection with Heaven and our blessed ancestors. After offering a sincere prayer and really feeling that we were not alone, we set off at the agreed time, to bless Trigger’s owners. The husband wheeled his wife to the front door. She had sadly suffered a stroke several years ago. After sharing the World Peace Blessing with that lovely couple, the wife went inside with her dog because it was a cold day. Since then, I’ve been phoning her every week to have a chat and we will be able to sit together when lockdown restrictions are lifted. It’s wonderful to have found new friends.

We then drove to another couple, remembering the sweet wife, whose husband drove funeral cars as a profession. We always admired how he managed to park his car right up to within a couple of inches of their house, to be able to close their gate in a very narrow space. They were happy to see us again after many years and gladly received the World Peace Blessing.

Now we were on a roll. The atmosphere around us was almost tangible and we were well aware of the help we were getting from our dear ancestors. We drove to a couple and were surprised how delighted they were to receive the World Peace Blessing. We remembered the wife, who always had such a bright smile when she received goods we used to deliver to her in the past. It was good to meet her husband, who is such a charming man. 

After a catch up with them, we drove to a couple who were our neighbours when we lived in another part of the town, several years ago. In fact, at one time, two of our grandchildren played with their children. We couldn’t believe how those children had grown. They are a really good family. The husband does some high-positioned job for the Government and his wife loves music and plays an instrument herself. Their children are into dance. They were so happy to catch up with family news and happily received the World Peace Blessing.

Keep Going

That day was what I like to call, a “magic day”. We had shared the blessing with 4 more couples, with the promise of one more on the following day. With just needed to find three more couples to meet our personal goal, so we couldn’t stop now. We went looking for a lovely couple, remembering that they had wanted to move down south, but that was six years ago and we didn’t know what to expect.  When we arrived at the house, we passed a man who was fixing the gate in the garden.  We were just about to ring the door bell, when he called over to us and said that his daughter was feeding the baby and wouldn’t be able to come to the door. Then he suddenly recognized us and it turned out that he and his wife had also been our customers in the past and lived just up the road! We explained what we were doing and he invited us to meet at his house on the following morning. We were so grateful for the Heavenly help we were getting and really felt it strongly. What were the chances of finding him there!

A Miracle Is Needed

One more day to go before the end of the year and two more couples to find. Having offered a deep and sincere prayer, we set off on the last day of the year, hoping for a miracle to happen. We somehow felt sure it would, but we didn’t want to become complacent. It was also the final day of our condition and we were so close to completion. The first couple we drove to, was the man we had met the day before at his daughter’s house. He and his wife were waiting for us, but he was holding a glass of wine in his hand. We politely explained that we had brought some special juice for the toast, so he quickly drank down the wine. His wife looked at him horrified that he would be drinking at that time of the morning. Of course, we shared the World Peace Blessing with them, using the Special Juice we had brought. I don’t know if that quite fits with the parable about the new wine skins, but one learns to be flexible, with emphasise on sharing Heavenly Parent’s love with their children.

We then drove to another ex-customer couple who lived near Trigger’s house. We sat outside wondering whether we should approach them or not. It had been a long time since we had last seen them and we didn’t even know if they were still living in the same house. The atmosphere seemed different from the previous “magic” day. We nearly drove on because we didn’t want to be disappointed and lose energy by being rejected. None of us like to feel rejected, do we? Anyway, we did some “self-talk” and told ourselves that the worst thing that could happen was that they say “no”, so in the spirit of Henry V “Once more unto the breach dear friends” and jumping over our shadow, we bravely walked up to their front door and rang the bell. When the husband opened the door, he immediately recognized us. We laughed because he didn’t remember our names and vice versa. When we explained about the World Peace Blessing, he told us that he and his wife had been married for 54 years since they were 19 years old. He explained that his wife was out shopping with their daughter, so he invited us to come back in the afternoon. When we walked over to their house that afternoon, they were really happy to receive the World Peace Blessing and we were glad that we hadn’t driven away earlier.

The major miracle happened when we stopped to refuel our car. As Eddie went to pay, my phone rang and it was a lady whom we had often met in Costa, where Eddie and I would enjoy a cup of coffee before doing our weekly shopping, back in the good old pre-COVID days when we could move around freely! Before Christmas, we had been to her house to drop off a card and had hoped on that occasion, to share the World Peace Blessing with her and her husband. Unfortunately, she was out at work that evening, so I had written to her to explain about the blessing. So here was our Costa friend on the phone, asking when we could come to them. I told her that we could be with them in a few minutes. When we arrived, the dear couple were ready for us with their coats on, as it was a cold day and they had to keep their front door open while we stood outside. They had their glass ready and were so happy to receive the World Peace Blessing and have a chat.

Back at home again, we kept watching the clock. The time seemed to go by so slowly, like a watched pot that never boils. When it finally got to 5:00pm, we put our coats and shoes on and offered a sincere prayer. We had actually met the wife a long time ago when we had been invited for a meal at our adopted family’s house. The two couples take it in turns to look after their children. 

On the last day of 2020 we were warmly welcomed by such a lovely couple and stood outside on the patio with their garden door wide open, as we shared the World Peace Blessing with them at ten past five in the evening. They talked about inviting us over for further chats when the warmer weather arrives and of course, when we are allowed to socialize again. They were so gracious and humble when receiving the World Peace Blessing. They generated so much love and kindness. We couldn’t believe that we had finally met our personal goal on the very last day of the year and on the last day of our condition. As soon as we got home, we offered a joyful and tearful prayer of huge gratitude to our Heavenly Parents and to our dear ancestors. A couple of days later, our dear children surprised us with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It just goes to prove that miracles do still happen when our desire is strong and when we jump over our shadow.

Lessons Learnt:

1.  To align ourselves with the heavenly providence and our TP who know what needs to be done.  Pledge no. 6 became real to us.      

2.  To have more faith that the good spirit world will help if we are sincere and have the right motivation.  Pledge no. 5 became more real to us.

3.  What we surely must know by now, but keep having to re-learn, is that if we create a high enough spirit personally, spiritual forces will open doors and people will welcome us in surprising open-hearted ways.

(We absolutely know that we could not have succeeded by ourselves alone.)

Also, that our responsibility is to reach out to people and offer them the opportunity to respond.

4.  It has taught us how to have a lot more trust in the power of prayer.

5.  We rediscovered the saying, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way”.


Brothers and sisters, these are our stories. Not everyone we contacted responded positively, but of the many people we reached out to, we only got one rude rejection from a fundamentalist Christian. When that happens, I often feel that it was because I didn’t show enough love and sincerity to that person, BUT you know what? People also have their portion of responsibility to respond graciously.

We have to really know that to be true and not always feel that we are to blame for the bad behaviour of others. If that Christian had really understood the heart of Jesus, they would have behaved very differently.

We are searching for pure hearts and as Jesus taught, we have to be “like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. We were surprised ourselves at how openly and willingly so many couples received the World Peace Blessing.

So now we look forward to hearing your stories. This HTM commission from heaven, is not as difficult as you may imagine. Yes, one needs to focus and be prayerful and sincere, BUT deep down, people are thirsty for love and if they feel a parental heart from us, they will respond like grateful children do, when their parents give them a gift.

The World Peace Blessing is that precious gift which we are offering to faithful couples. With that heart and mindset, we can surely fulfil this important work.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. – Eddie and Patricia Hartley

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