A New Year Is Coming! How Can We Best Help True Parents?

UPDATE on the Unification Fund from our Regional President – 22/1:

Dear Families,

A few days ago, I sent you a memo about an important opportunity for us to support True Parents work by offering two special donations, and on Wednesday during our Regional Prayer service I explained in a little more detail. The first requested donation is in honour of True Parents’ 102nd and 79th Birthdays and the 10th Foundation Day. The second is for the Unification Fund for the Heavenly Unified Korea.

I’ve just had some welcome news: the suggested amounts for both donations are based on a sliding scale based on the different levels of national economies in our huge region. We hope that this will be a relief for many of you who very much want to participate but would realistically struggle to meet the higher levels of donations requested. Details of the national groups and suggested amounts are enclosed in the attached chart.

I have to tell you that very this welcome concession was in fact the result of some intensive discussions with IHQ. I promised on all of our behalf that by making this change, we would have many more people participate than before. Please help me be proved right, by joining in this campaign as soon as you can. We are hoping to see at least 2,022 donors on the list for the Unification Fund, so please consider making a small additional donation for other members of your family and relatives and make sure that we have as many names on our “roll of honour” as possible!

Thank you once again for you love and support,


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb
Regional President, Heavenly Europe & the Middle East

In just a few days’ time, on 1st February 2022, we will welcome the Lunar New Year, which as True Mother has explained will be the dynamic and exciting year of the Black Tiger! In preparation, Fumiko and I would like to share with you about some the ways in which our Europe and Middle East Community is being invited to participate in and support True Parents’ upcoming events in Korea.

In summary, there will be three major series of events both online and offline that we can and should attend to the best of our ability. All are connected with the central providential goal of restoring the Heavenly Unified Korea in this coming year. In addition to these events, there are two donation opportunities for us to make a financial contribution. Here are some details:


A) Think Tank 2022. This will be held from 1st-3rd February ONLINE. All the major UPF Associations will hold online sessions which will take place during daytime hours. UPF EUME will be partnering with the USA, Africa and other regions for some of these sessions. There is an impressive roster of speakers and we expect that these events will be interesting and informative.

Action Step: Support your local UPF, promote the Think Tank, and attend yourself as many sessions as you can.

B) True Parents’ 102nd and 79th Birthday Celebrations which will be held on a regional, national and community level OFFLINE/IN PERSON on Sunday 6th February.

Action Steps: Where possible and safe to do so, members should prepare a Holy Table and gather together in person. This a great opportunity to invite friends and family. An online celebration is also acceptable and each family is encouraged to create a small offering table in their own homes if they are unable to attend a public program. Don’t forget to take photographs! Also, there is still time to send a birthday card to True Mother.

C) World Summit 2022 from 11th February to 13th February. This is expected to be a series of interactive online and hybrid events, including the Summit Assembly, the Sunhak Peace Prize, the 2-Million Rally for Korean Unification and more. For us here in EUME this will be taking place ONLINE in the small hours each morning.

Action Steps: A few representatives may be going to Korea to attend the events there. But for most of us this will mean joining one or more of the online programs, sometimes by two-way broadcast and sometimes by just watching on YouTube. As always, your speedy comments and reflections are much appreciated.

D) Victory Celebration, 14th or 15th February to be confirmed. This may or may not also include an observance of Foundation Day which falls on February 13th.

Action Steps: we expect there will be a worldwide broadcast of this event, which we should join.


There are TWO separate donations being requested at this time. Both are important.

The information about how to send your donations can be found at the bottom of this article.

1) True Parents’ Birthday and Foundation Day offering. We have been doing this for many years. The requested / suggested amounts have not changed: the suggested amount is £85 for individuals and £155 for families. However, this donation can also be offered according to a reduced sliding scale based on the economic group that your nation is in. More details are in the official IHQ memo (see above).

As always, we encourage all members and families to give as much as they can, and where possible, even more than is requested! If you can manage the international standard then please do so, even if you happen to reside in a nation that is in a lower group. However, it is completely acceptable to contribute according to the group level. We believe that it is very important that as many EUME families as possible can make this offering.

2) The Unification Fund for a Heavenly Unified Korea. This is a new request, and is directly connected to the goal of Korean Reunification. The intention is to provide a way that all of us can contribute something towards this lofty goal even though we can’t go to Korea and may not be able to do much else apart from attending at least some of the events listed above.

There are three “at least” amounts suggested for the Unification Fund:

• £150 per FFWPU household (individual or family) for the “regular level” donation
• £770 per FFWPU household (individual or family) for the “higher level” donation. Those able to contribute at this level will receive a pin / badge / medallion of appreciation.
• £20 per person for UPF Ambassadors of Peace and other members of the Holy Community who would like to support the cause.

There are more details in the official IHQ memo (see below). It is not yet clear whether the Unification Fund donation can also be offered on a “Group Scale.” Once again, we hope everyone will do their best to offer whatever they can.

For both these donations, it is possible to make an additional donation on behalf of someone else – such as a family member – if you would like do so.

In addition to the above events and donation requests, there could well be other opportunities to join with True Parents online, sometimes at quite short notice. We will do our best to keep everyone informed.

Thank you all! Let’s make the Year of the Black Tiger one to remember!


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb
Regional President, Heavenly Europe & the Middle East

How To Send Your Donations:

Both of the above-requested donations should be sent directly to your local community, however if this is not possible then they can also be sent to FFWPU-UK HQ:

Bank Name: Metro Bank
Account Name: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Account No: 39573067
Sort Code: 23-05-80

IMPORTANT: Please send your donation for True Parents’ Birthday & Foundation Day separately from your donation to the Unification Fund, using the following bank references:

True Parents’ Birthday & Foundation Day Offering: BDAY-[Initial and Family Name] e.g. BDAY-JSmith

Unification Fund: UF-[Initial and Family Name] e.g. UF-JSmith

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