A Prayer for National Unity

21-Day National Prayer Condition

Friday 16th April to Thursday 6th May

Dear Family,

Fumiko and I would like to invite you to join a special 21-day period of national prayer and devotion starting this coming Friday, April 16 at 6am and running up until May 6th. The focus of the prayer will be for national unity and for God’s guidance and grace on the future of the United Kingdom. True Mother continues to remind us that we can and we shall fulfil our destiny as a heavenly ‘Eve’ nation.

This is a time of many changes and transitions in our country. First of all, we are mindful of the recent passing of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, whose loss will greatly affect our Queen. The Duke’s funeral is on Saturday April 17. Our own community has also suffered recent losses: that very same day we will hold a double Seonghwa for Stuart and Regina Johnson, and so many other families in the UK have lost loved ones.

Another point of prayer will be for the success of candidates who stand in alignment with God’s providential will, in the upcoming elections for the devolved regions of the UK on May 6th. As a charity, FFWPU cannot endorse or promote a particular political position or party. But, we can certainly pray that God will guide our country and its key institutions. And of course, we encourage all of you to exercise your civic duty and vote!

We will also be praying for our Heavenly Parent’s protection and guidance for True Mother and all of our worldwide family during the exceptionally busy time ahead of us. Starting this Saturday, we have the Youth and Students for Peace World Assembly, followed by the Blessing, (25th) the combined holy days of Heavenly Parent’s Day and the True Parents’ Wedding Anniversary (27th), the Cheonbo Great Works (29th & 30th), eight UPF Webinars (26th, 29th, 30th and 1st) the Rally of Hope, and much more.

If you would like to participate in this devotional offering, please join us at 5:55am for a 6am sharp start this coming Friday, April 16, by Zoom at the following link:

Meeting ID: 982 4942 8209 
Passcode: 513008

Please look smart, and mute your microphone until invited to unmute. The prayer meeting will last less than one hour and will begin with HoonDokHwe reading from Mother of Peace, so please bring your own copy.

After the Friday kickoff, this will be a daily condition which we will all do privately. However, we will gather back together once a week, also at 6am and also at the same link, on Friday 23 April, Friday 30 April, and then Thursday 6 May, the final day of the condition.

Hope you and your family can join us!


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb
National Director, FFWPU UK

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