Almost 100 Attendees Take Part In Project Phoenix London

Project Phoenix London saw close to 100 participants come together in order to re-energise their relationships, build a stronger community and learn how to become authentic listeners.

Project Phoenix is a grass-roots initiative that is based on Unificationism, with a particular focus on inter-generational collaboration and dialogue.

The Project Phoenix team have travelled to cities across America and the world with the aim of bringing people together in honest, trusting and authentic communication. The team wants attendees to experience the “Heaven on Earth” that is so often preached on Sundays.

The online ZOOM event, while aimed primarily at residents from the United Kingdom, featured attendees from Germany, France and America, proving how much of a global community we are.

The event itself was spread across three evenings, from the Friday 29th January, through to Sunday 31st January, with each session lasting for three hours.

While the events themselves are usually held in person, the majority of the participants came away from the weekend revitalized and inspired, surprised at how well the online format held up.

Participants were encouraged to keep their webcams on during the event.

The activities themselves were varied, from one-on-one discussions, to personal testimonies and regular sharing within a “family” group of six, where participants had the opportunity to talk more deeply about their personal experiences in life, in addition to being able to practice authentic listening.

For many, this time spend with their “family” group was the highlight of the event, as it allowed them to freely express themselves within a safe environment, while also being able to build genuine connection and understanding between “family” members.

A stand-out activity over the course of the three days saw first- and second-generation members expressing their honest views on one another. This activity saw a powerful reaction from many of the participants who felt they were able to better connect with the other generation following the sincere dialogue.

Despite the values we hold dear as a worldwide movement, we seldom get the chance to put these values into action within our communities; Project Phoenix allowed for attendees to take a look at themselves and work on what needed improving while also encouraging the development of genuine connections within our communities.

For more information on Project Phoenix, please watch this video:

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