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Hadrian’s Wall Coast-to-Coast Walk for National Unity

UPDATE – 1/8: Join us at the Peace Road Newcastle event this Saturday!

A special event will be held in Newcastle this coming Saturday to mark the successful conclusion of Peace Road UK. The volunteers who are currently taking part in the coast-to-coast walk along Hadrian’s Wall will be welcomed at the Jury Inn by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Habib Rahman, at 11am and then will walk the final 3 miles to the Segedunum Fort in Wallsend.

We hope that as many people as possible will be able to join this event to celebrate the efforts of those who are participating in the Peace Road, as well as to support its cause, which is to promote global peace and unity as one family under God. If you would like to participate, please register using the form above.

UPDATE – 28/7: Join us at the Peace Road Carlisle event this Sunday!

The Peace Road kicks off this Saturday in Bowness-on-Solway with a 14-mile walk to Carlisle. On Sunday at 11am, all are invited to gather at the Gateway Learning Center of the University of Cumbria in Carlisle for a presentation of the vision, ideals and goals of the Peace Road, followed by a walk along Hadrian’s Wall path within Carlisle.

UPDATE – 7/7: “A Walk for Peace” Brochure

UPDATE – 29/6: Peace Road Update!

Just 4 short weeks to go until Peace Road UK and our coast to coast walk along Hadrian’s Wall! Already our core team of 12 is in training for the long walk – but we’d like to welcome as many of you as possible for our two festival days, Peace Road Carlisle on Sunday 1st August and Peace Road Newcastle on Saturday 7th August.  On these days, the walking is gentle – three to five miles – and there are other programs to enjoy.

Still want some more energetic action? Well, it is possible to join the Hadrian’s Walk “a la carte” on a daily basis. On average, we will walk 12-15 miles a day, and with stops and exploration we will walk around 8 hours a day. Here’s the schedule to help you plan.

To join on any day, you’ll need to do one of three things—

1) Arrive at the team hotel the night before (recommended)

2) Be at the hotel, or at the “start” station by 9am to join the day’s walk

3) If you arrive later, call to find out where to join that day’s walk in progress and take a taxi to meet us. (local taxi companies are very familiar with the Wall)

At the end of the day, you can eat with us and even stay overnight (if space can be booked) or you can plan to take a train from the “end” station after 7pm.

If you are buying train tickets, we recommend you use an app (such as Train Pal) that highlights “split ticket” options which can save you up to 50% whilst taking exactly the same trains.

For more information, register here.

We invite you to join us for Peace Road UK 2021 from 31st July – 7th August 2021. This will be an inspiring and challenging coast-to-coast walking tour from Bowness on Solway in the West to Tynemouth in the East, a total distance of about 90 miles. Most of the time we will be following the course of Hadrian’s Wall, 1900 years old next year! On average, there are about 12 miles of walking each day, taking between 4-7 hours depending on the terrain. There’s also time to visit some museums, Roman remains, and take in lots and lots of fresh air. There will be exciting UPF Peace Road programmes at the beginning in Carlisle and again at the end in Newcastle. It’s going to be great!

There are many great websites describing walking holidays along Hadrian’s Wall, so please do a little online research to get an idea of whether this could be for you.

Because accommodations are already very limited, we need to know right now who might be interested in joining some or all the Peace Road. There are three stages—

  1. Peace Road Carlisle (Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August)
  2. Hadrian’s Wall Walk (Monday 2nd August to Friday 6th August)
  3. Peace Road Newcastle (Friday 6th August evening to Saturday 7th August)

Stages 1 and 3 are easy walking along good paths and paved roads. Cycling is an option too.

Stage 2 is more demanding, with a lot of open country and some hills. But overall the Wall is an easy to moderate walk and we are not rushing. Support and transport will be available at all times.

Interested? Stages 1 & 3 are open to all with registration, but participation for one or more days of Stage 2 will be on a first come first served basis. To help us in our planning, we are asking you to REGISTER NOW, and keep your place in line*. Priority applications end this coming Friday 25th June at 9pm. Further information will be sent upon registration, but for now you can read all about Peace Road’s vision and check out the FAQ’s, including the approximate schedule for the walking tour here…

See you at the Wall! (some of you may remember when we said that in Berlin over 30 years ago!)


Michael and Fumiko Balcomb

*Please be assured that if COVID regulations change (again!) you will receive a refund.

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