Annual Gathering Festival Brings Together Our Community After 18 Months Apart

The Annual Gathering Festival 2021 brought together members from across the United Kingdom after over 18 months apart as the event sold out.

Annual Gathering Festival 2021 was a tremendous success with all the tickets for the event sold out as our community gathered for a day of faith, fun and fellowship.

Members travelled from across the United Kingdom to Cleeve House to participate in the event following the COVID-19 pandemic, which severely restricted in-person gatherings.

For many, this was the first-time seeing friends in almost two years and members took the opportunity to rekindle old friendships and strengthen bonds of fellowship.

Despite the weather forecast predicting overcast skies, the event was blessed with beautiful sunshine; ideal for a day spent outdoors.

The morning worship schedule was led by Franklin Fortune who greeted attendees and encouraged them to enjoy the day together in the English countryside.

An uplifting sermon was given by Dr Michael Balcomb who emphasised the importance of passion and how we should strive to live our lives full of passion and excitement.

The afternoon schedule allowed for attendees to enjoy a picnic lunch before spending the rest of the sunny Saturday catching up with friends, playing sports and listening to live music.

To see the photos taken at the Annual Gathering Festival 2021, please view the album on Facebook.

We would like to thank all those who were able to attend, as well as the volunteers who made the event possible and a great success. We are already planning next year’s Annual Gathering; hope to see you there!

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