Upcoming Worship Services

Announcement: National Worship Service on Sunday 28th February Meeting ID: 979 7458 7899 This Sunday at 11am, you are warmly invited to tune in to a national worship service followed by discussion and fellowship in breakout groups on Zoom. Schedule for February: > Sunday 28th February: National Worship Service Would You Like to Contribute? If […]

Weekly EUME Video News

Stay in touch with the latest news and stories from across theEurope & Middle East region with these weekly video updates This Week’s Focus: News from the East Region

“Family” – Online HARP Service

Saturday 27th February from 11am – 12:30pm Theme: “Family” – Josh M. Meeting ID: 389 126 2594 Passcode: 288883 Keep up to date with all of the news and upcoming online events on the HARP UK Facebook page.

Live Broadcast: 5th Rally of Hope

One Million Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World Sunday 28th February at 12:30am GMT “Racism, religious intolerance, the desecration of nature, and other misfortunes of our world are the result of serious problems in the human heart. That’s where we should approach the solution of world problems. The hatred in […]

The Family: A Shining Light and A Beacon of Hope in A Dark World

Blessing Preparation Presentation by David & Patricia Earle Wednesday 24th February from 7:30–9pm Hello everyone, We would like to invite you to what we hope will be an evening of inspiration and upliftment.  There is a great deal of pressure on all aspects of family life in the current pandemic. Economic pressure, uncertainty for our […]

Hyojeong CheonBo Special Great Works

True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Birthday Celebration Hyojeong Special Great Works Friday 26th February from 9:20am GMT In accordance with True Parents’ Special Directives, all blessed family members are strongly encouraged to participate in this year’s 4 annual Special Great Works. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the upcoming event on Friday 26th February […]

Make the Most of Marriage – Monthly Online Meeting for Couples

THEME: “Focus!” – Matthew Huish DATE & TIME: Thursday 25th February – 19:30 GMT, 20:30 CET FOR: All Blessed Couples If you are new to MMM and have never registered before, please fill out the online registration form, so that we know in which discussion group to put you. About our speaker: Matthew is a […]