Watch The Annual Gathering 2022 Promo Video!

Annual Gathering 2022 is fast approaching on Saturday June 25th 2022! Watch the promo video to learn more… Watch the promo video below or directly on Vimeo. Register for the Annual Gathering here. Register today!

Togetherall: How To Build Emotional Resiliency

Struggling to cope? Find out how to spring back from, and successfully adapt to, life’s setbacks and adversities with these top tips from the American Psychological Association. Resilient people are flexible in their thinking, endure difficulty with a realistic outlook and often use the experience in self-empowering ways. But resilient people are not necessarily born […]

Viola Dirnhofer Is Our New Assistant Pastor For The West Community

Viola Dirnhofer joins our FFWPU-UK Staff Team as our new Assistant Pastor for the Wales, West Country and West Midlands (WWW) community, supporting Elliot Yamamoto in his role as pastor. What would you like to say to our wider community Viola? “Hello brothers and sisters! My name is Viola Dirnhofer and you probably know that […]

Upcoming Holy Days: Day Of All True Things

This year’s Day Of All True Things, which celebrates all the things that belong to you with God, will take place on Monday, May 30th 2022. “Day Of All Things” was founded on May 1st, 1963 as one of the major Unificationist Holy Days. True Father added “true” to this holiday in 1994. This year, […]

Spotlight On Korea: Koreans Could Soon Be A Year Younger

South Koreans are to become a year younger as the country’s soon-to-be president aims to simplify the long-standing tradition. In South Korea, when a baby is born, they are considered one year old. They gain another year come New Year’s Day. This means a baby born in December would be considered to be two years […]

Togetherall: Face Your Fear

It’s tempting to avoid feared situations or rely on emotional props to get by. But this just feeds anxiety. The best way to build confidence is to face what you fear. The more you avoid dreaded situations or fall back on behaviours that make you feel safe, the harder it is to go into similar […]

Blessing 2022 Stories From Around The World

Last month, Cosmic Blessing ceremonies were held around the world to celebrate the union of man and women coming together centred on God; we hear three stories from couples around the world. Andreas from Germany, Blessed with Karen from the USA – Camberg, Germany. The Blessing was such a profound experience for Karen and me. […]

Nominations For The Grace Miller Award 2022 Are Now Open

The nominations are now open for the Grace Miller Award 2022 in order to recognise the young people in our community who live exemplary lives of faith. The Grace Miller Award celebrates an exceptional young member of the FFWPU community for their hard work and accomplishments in their community over the previous year. •    Nominees […]

“The Energy Was Mightily High” – YSP For Project Spring Revival

We were blessed to be able to offer our dedication and time to the Wonjeon in Stanton Fitzwarren over the bank holiday weekend for our Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) project. Our goal was to create a wild camping area, put up signs, clear the path for the Woodland Walk, and create a new […]