BCLC: “Wisdom, Understanding, Humour and Love” – Outline of Divine Principle on 12th March

– by June Darby

As I share this account of today’s event, I am filled with gratitude and joy. It was truly a blessed day! Everything about it was uplifting and expressed so much heart and unity. One of the pastors commented on it. Everyone offered their contribution so generously and with so much love.

Rev Isaac welcomed everyone so joyously and lovingly! Jennie T. was an inspired MC and Russell G. raised our spirits sky-high with the stirring and wholehearted singing that he inspires. And our lecturers were so moving! Rev. Dr. David Hanna was able to present the Outline of Divine Principle in one day – an amazing and powerful feat. It was given with so much wisdom,  understanding, humour and love. He also sang beautifully for us, as did Evangelist Olufemi W. Then our Rev Isaac poured out his heart in his impassioned explanation of the truth and significance of the Divine Principle. Brother John O. is a dedicated Evangelist, always bringing such wonderful pastors to hear this precious truth.  Gode M. surpassed herself, bringing so many guests and contributing so generously toward our refreshments.

I am always very appreciative of our sisters who work so hard by providing and caringly preparing refreshments and clearing up – Rita O., Anne C., Naomi G., and Siew Lyn G. And I must appreciate Kyung-Ja who welcomed everyone with such a warm, motherly heart and helped prepare the lecture room both physically and spiritually. Last but not least, we are very grateful to Reamonn B. for his technical expertise,  and for his kind support and suggestions to improve the quality of our outreach. And I am very grateful for the care-taking work done by Taeko W. at Lancaster Gate and to David T. for driving some of our members to our event. Altogether we had 20 guests, with 6 pastors and 3 truth seekers, who are all concerned with the betterment of their communities. 

All are welcome to participate in the BCLC seminars! Please feel free to bring your guests, who will be inspired and uplifted by the excellent lectures, and by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit that our prayerful members attract.

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