Blessing Ceremony for Unmarried Ascended Blessed Children

“Let the children, who were born as 2nd or 3rd generation
of blessed families and who ascended before receiving the Blessing,
grow and receive the Blessing Ceremony.” – True Father

On Saturday 19th December, a Blessing Ceremony will be held for unmarried blessed children who have ascended to the Spirit World.

Blessed families who have liberated their blessed children in the Spirit World and would like them to receive the Blessing are asked to refer to the criteria detailed in the official memo to check whether they are eligible for this Blessing. Please ensure that you register before the deadlines stated below.

Important Details & Deadlines:

Date: Saturday 19th December from 1am – 8am GMT

Venue: Each candidate parents’ respective church

How to apply for the matching: Please fill out the matching application form and submit it to:

Application deadline – Saturday 31st October

Matching Ceremony – Wednesday 11th November

If your child is matched, the training center will contact you individually, and you will then receive the “Blessing Application Form”. Parents are advised to sign the form and send it back to the training center.

Blessing application deadline: Monday 30th November

The blessing donation, along with workshop fees, should be paid by Wednesday 16th December.

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