The Family: A Shining Light and A Beacon of Hope in A Dark World

Blessing Preparation Presentation by David & Patricia Earle

Wednesday 24th February from 7:30–9pm

Hello everyone,

We would like to invite you to what we hope will be an evening of inspiration and upliftment.  There is a great deal of pressure on all aspects of family life in the current pandemic. Economic pressure, uncertainty for our children and young people, isolation and living in a virtual world, the lack of basic human relationships, and so on. Everyone is affected.

We will remind ourselves of the value of each person’s life, of the need to continually develop and strengthen our relationships, and of the contribution which our families can make to our community, and the wider society, as we strive to live for the sake of others. 

We will highlight the value of the Interfaith Peace Blessing in this regard, towards the ideal of ‘One Family of Humankind’.

Let’s find inspiration to help one another, and emerge stronger when we get through this crisis, together.

Please let us know if you can join our evening programme:

It will be 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start. We kindly request that the Zoom link is only shared among your friends and guests.

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