Book A Getaway To Cleeve House! Find Out The Latest On Our Historic Property (Q&A)

We find out the latest on Cleeve House by having a Q&A with Roswitha C. who shares that the property is open for visitors and those looking for a countryside getaway.

 How has COVID affected Cleeve House? 

The house was shut during lockdown but the lack of continuity has affected the business more than COVID itself. Over the years, the Zaccarelli family, with their daughter Miriam, have built a reputable B&B and wedding venue.

How have the rooms/property been renovated?

The rooms have been updated to some extent over the years – it is an on-going process. Maintenance has been the priority. The house with its multifaceted plumbing, piping and heating systems does present a challenge. During lockdown, Mervyn could finish rewiring the house to meet present safety standards. As of early February 2021, we have been the live in care-takers (avoiding a daily commute of two hours) and have been able to dedicate a greater amount of time looking after the property and dealing with any problems that arise.

How can we (the wider community) help Cleeve House?

For a start, it would be nice to see 2nd generation choosing a high-level career in plumbing, carpentry, electrical engineering, heritage, wedding planner, conference manager etc. to help out with the property. For example, Francis S., who has designed and carried out FOC contemporary redecorating of fire places, ceiling and walls in function rooms 15 years ago, is to date redecorating millionaires’ houses creating bespoke plaster casts.

Members and families are most welcome to book a getaway break (discount depends on type of linen – not a joke) (booking details below). They may want to help out with gardening or apply their talents in other ways (in which case that would accrue a bonus towards future stays!).

What are the future plans for Cleeve House?

To make it a high-level conference and retreat centre that True Mother can be proud of. No one’s sacrifice and investment should be in vain.

Are you looking forward to welcoming the community for the upcoming Annual Gathering?

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our brothers and sisters for the annual gathering taking place on Saturday July 17th 2021.

We have heard some things about Shakespeare LIVE. What exactly is it?

Shakespeare LIVE is an amateur dramatic society/charity that have been using the property since 2017 thanks to Miriam Z. For more information please visit:

They are volunteers themselves dedicating their Sundays from April to June to rehearsals ready to perform in the first week of July. For families interested in booking accommodation at Cleeve House are most welcome to do so (booking details below).

We are also looking for volunteers to serve refreshments, sell cakes, etc. at these events. About 100 people would be happy to purchase refreshments either shortly before start or during the intervals.

Thank you to Roswitha C. for taking the time to answer our questions. For those interested in booking a getaway or staycation at Cleeve House, please call: 01380 827129. Or email:

And for more information on ShakespeareLIVE, please visit: www.shakesparelive.comto 

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