British Couples Enjoy Blessing With Loved Ones

This year’s Blessing Ceremony took place at Lancaster Gate which allowed for family and friends to join the celebrations.

With COVID restrictions remaining tight in South Korea, countries around the world held their own Marriage Blessing Ceremonies which allowed for family and friends to join the couples for this special occasion.

Here in the United Kingdom, the event was hosted at Lancaster Gate, London. The Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing began in the early hours of Saturday morning as the couples and their loved ones connected to the live stream in South Korea.

Matthew Huish, our Deputy National Leader, warmly welcomed the couples, of which there were three, and attendees. He proceeded to explained the various proceedings to our guests (such what “Og Mansei!” means).

The attendees continued to follow the live stream from South Korea, alongside over 2,100 couples participating from around the world.

During this program, the couples pledged themselves to each other in their Blessing vows, which was followed by a Benediction prayer given by Dr Hak Ja Han Moon (True Mother).

Our Deputy National Leader brought the proceedings in London to a close by congratulating the couples and inviting attendees to the Blessing Banquet that was to take place later in the evening.

The celebrations kept going with the Blessing Banquet, which allowed for loved ones to join the couples as they celebrated their union.

Over 70 guests attended the banquet, where delicious food and amazing musical performances were in abundance.

A joyous, celebratory atmosphere filled the Lancaster Gate Ballroom as friends and family came together to rejoice in two individuals coming together centred on God. It is truly special that we could come together for such an occasion.

We would like to congratulate all those who got Blessed from the United Kingdom who are Pyong-Chan, Grace, Yujin, Vianney, Ollie, Edward and Isaac.

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