“Called To Pioneer” Book By Robert Williamson Is Available Now

We sat down with Robert Williamson to talk about his autobiography titled: “Called To Pioneer”; watch the interview below! 

“An encounter on Princes Street, Edinburgh in 1972 profoundly changed the course of Robert Williamson’s life; the student of hotel management struck out on a path of discipleship as a missionary in the then little-known Unification Church.

In this fascinating book, Robert describes how, not just once, but over and over again he was “Called to Pioneer”; his willingness to respond to God’s call has directed him to mission work in over twenty countries and four continents. Several years of laying a foundation in Zambia were followed by responsibilities in further African countries and when the former Soviet nations emerged from the shackles of communism, Robert found himself on a plane to a wintry Moscow.

Since 1980 Robert has been supported by a loyal woman and the story of their highly unusual introduction and marriage is an inspiring testimony to faith. Robert is now a grandfather and a “senior citizen” who lives with his family in Scotland but still spends much time in his beloved Africa. Is he thinking about retirement? No, he is waiting to respond to God’s next call.” – Catriona Valenta, editor. 

You can also watch the video directly on Vimeo. 

The book can be purchased through Amazon and KANDO (our German publishing house). 

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