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Stay in touch with the latest news and stories from across theEurope & Middle East region with these weekly video updates This Week’s Focus: News from the East Region

Our Global Community: The Story Of Purim

The Jewish Holiday of Purim is a celebration which commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, a Persian Empire official who was planning to kill all of the Jews, as told in the Book of Esther. Purim, the Hebrew word for “lots”, is a celebratory Jewish festival which commemorates the survival of the […]

Ron German: “God was always number one!” (Video Interview)

As Ron and Catherine German come to the end of their time as Wales and West Country Pastors, they sit down with Franklin and Cecilie Fortune to share about their experiences over the years. Ron and Catherine German will be stepping down from their positions of Wales and West Country Pastors at the end of […]

Check Out Our EUME Birthday Greeting To True Parents!

The wider Europe and Middle East community have come together to wish our True Parents a Happy Birthday! Dr. Balcomb begins the video by greeting our True Parents in Korean while the song itself is primarily sung by Hee-Yeong Anastasia T. This year we celebrate True Father’s 101st birthday and True Mother’s 78th Birthday!  True […]

IRFF UK 2020 Annual Activities Report

Dear IRFF UK Friend, 2020 has proven to be a very eventful year! Whilst IRFF UK’s focus has been on projects and partnerships in Uganda, there has been an expansion of efforts to support projects in Ghana, the Congo, and South Africa. Here follows a summary of activities carried out during the year 2020. You can read the […]

Featured Book: As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen

This week’s reading is of Part 5 Chapter 4: “To Love Is To Give and Forget” Read by Henry Masters The recordings are also available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast. All you need to do is search “Peace-Loving Global Citizen” on any of those platforms and it’s quite easy to find. People with Apple […]

A Message of Gratitude from the Hoyte Family

On 4th February 2021, the Hoyte family lost their beloved eldest brother and son due to complications caused by COVID-19. He is known to many as a pure, gentle and kind person and he’ll be deeply missed. A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up to help support the family cover funeral costs. All donations, no […]

Almost 100 Attendees Take Part In Project Phoenix London

Project Phoenix London saw close to 100 participants come together in order to re-energise their relationships, build a stronger community and learn how to become authentic listeners. Project Phoenix is a grass-roots initiative that is based on Unificationism, with a particular focus on inter-generational collaboration and dialogue. The Project Phoenix team have travelled to cities […]

Everything That Has Been Going On At Cleeve House

Cleeve House remains an iconic building within our United Kingdom movement, one that holds precious memories for much of our membership. This article provides an overview as to what has been happening at the property over the past year. The vast majority of activities that would usually have taken place at Cleeve House were cancelled […]

Spotlight On Korea: How Do Koreans Celebrate Lunar New Year?

Widely celebrated across East Asia, Lunar New Year is an annual traditional holiday where many Koreans visit family, eat traditional food and perform ancestral rites. Korean New Year, generally referred to as Seollal, is the first day of the Korean calendar. The holiday is widely regarded as the most important traditional Korean holiday, with the […]