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Stay in touch with the latest news and stories from across theEurope & Middle East region with these weekly video updates This Week’s Focus: Reports from the South Region

The Seonghwa Support Team Is Here To Help And Listen

For those who are experiencing grief and bereavement, the Seonghwa Support Team is here is lend a helping hand and provide support to those who need it. We have recently updated the “Seonghwa” section of the “Blessed Families” area of our website by adding the contact details of the Seonghwa Support Team. The Seonghwa Support […]

Chaplaincy Programme Returns For New Academic Year

The Chaplaincy Programme is returning in time for the 2021 academic year to allow for second-generation members to support one another in their spiritual growth through mentorship. We would like to invite all those aged 18-25-year-olds to be involved with the chaplaincy programme for the upcoming academic year. We have run this mentoring initiative since […]

Website Update: Affiliates Section Added To Site

We are continually developing and improving our community website and this week, we have added a “Affiliates” section to the footer of the website. Under “Support” at the bottom of the website, the “Affiliates” page outlines some of our key affiliates and organisations connected to us. Use this area of the website as a way […]

Families Honoured in Early Morning Service at Lancaster Gate

Families from several London communities gathered at Lancaster Gate very early on Sunday morning to be honoured at a special service with the Founder through a live two-way broadcast from Korea, and others joined from communities around the country. The service included a ceremony to bestow holy robes and plaques of recognition of these families […]

True Mother’s Recent Speeches

Courtesy of the Europe & Middle East Office 10th October 2021 12th September 2021 29th August 2021 (7.22 by the heavenly calendar in the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk) 24th August 2021 (7.17 by the heavenly calendar in the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk) 22nd August 2021 (7.15 by the heavenly calendar in […]

Website Update: National Strategy Section Added To Site

As we continue to develop and improve our community website, we have recently added a “National Strategy” section to the footer of the website. Under “FFWPU”, the “National Strategy” section outlines our vision statement, mission statement and our fundamental principles and objectives. To visit the “National Strategy” page, scroll down to the footer of the […]

Companions Of Faith Weekend Brings Together Our Young Adult Community

Our young adult years are critical in forming our life path and our identity. We make big decisions, from what career we would like to start pursuing, who and how we may marry, where we will live and what values we want to uphold in our lives. There are many challenges to surmount and milestones […]

Our Global Community: The Jewish Festival Of Sukkot

This week (Monday 20th – Monday 27th) Jews around the world celebrate the festival of Sukkot; a holiday for giving thanks for many things, like food, shelter and harvest. Sukkot, pronounced “sook-koht” or “sook-kuss”, is a week-long Jewish holiday which takes place during the autumn. season. The festival is similar to Thanksgiving, with Jews giving […]