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Stay in touch with the latest news and stories from across theEurope & Middle East region with these weekly video updates This Week’s Focus: South Europe

South London Family Camp Returns To Cleeve House!

After many years, South London Family Camp has returned to Cleeve House where families from up and down the United Kingdom have spent the past few days deepening bonds, strengthening faith and building a community. Simon Cooper shares about the last few days at Cleeve House. “It has been two years since we have been […]

Simran R. Shares About Her Time At Cleeve House And Shakespeare Live

Simran R. has recently spent some time volunteering at Cleeve House and she encourages members to get involved with our historic property.   “I see Cleeve House almost as my spiritual home. I’ve been attending workshops there since I was eight, but there’s photos of me and my brothers at as young as three or four […]

Featured Book: As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen

This week’s reading is of Part 8 Chapter 1: “Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life” Read by Henry Masters The recordings are also available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast. All you need to do is search “Peace-Loving Global Citizen” on any of those platforms and it’s quite easy to find. People with Apple devices […]

“Called To Pioneer” Book By Robert Williamson Is Available Now

We sat down with Robert Williamson to talk about his autobiography titled: “Called To Pioneer”; watch the interview below!  “An encounter on Princes Street, Edinburgh in 1972 profoundly changed the course of Robert Williamson’s life; the student of hotel management struck out on a path of discipleship as a missionary in the then little-known Unification […]

The Young Adults’ Summer Retreat 2021 Is Going Ahead At Full Capacity

The Young Adults’ Summer Retreat 2021 in the Peak District is going ahead at full capacity following on from the recent easing of lockdown rules and regulations.  The retreat will be from the 3rd September – 6th September 2021 for ages 18+. Overview:Young adulthood is one of the busiest periods of life, yet it is […]

Catch Up On Our July 2021 National Service By Watching The Sermon!

The sermon from July’s National Sunday Service is now available to watch online. The title of the sermon was “Take Responsibility Of Your Growth” and it was given by Eric Williamson. Watch the sermon below or directly on Vimeo. Catch up on our previous national service sermons here. https://vimeo.com/577228316

What We Can Take Away And Remember From England’s Euro 2020 Run

Strong leaders led the England National Football team to the Euro 2020 final and while it did not come home this time around, there is a great deal to take away from England’s football journey over the past few weeks. England’s Euro 2020 run ended in heartbreak as we lost to Italy on penalties. However, […]

The Beautiful Game: Rev. Sun Myung Moon & Football

As we draw closer and closer to England’s semi-final clash with Denmark, we look back on Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s passion for the beautiful game of football. Rev. Sun Myung Moon was always an avid sports fan. While he enjoyed fishing for salmon in Alaska, he was most passionate about football, a sport he had […]

What Is Peace Road?

As we prepare for the Peace Road UK Coast-to-Coast walk along Hadrian’s Wall, we look back at the history of the Peace Road project and how it began. Throughout the course of recorded history, humanity has built roads. From the Silk Road, which stretched from Europe to China, to the Roman road system which allowed […]