In Memory of Reiko Hayashi

Name: Reiko Hayashi Spouse: Masakazu Children: Kunimasa, Kuniyoshi, Kayo and Lisa Age: 66 Blessing Date: 14 October 1982 Ascension Date: 18 September 2018 Birthplace: Maebashi, Japan Reiko was born in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. She was the eldest sibling of three with two younger brothers. She was an energetic girl, who spent her childhood running […]

In Memory of Brian Warner

Name: Brian Warner Spouse: Gwyneth Warner Age: 92 Ascension Date: 22 March 2018 Bryan Warner passed away to the spirit world on 22 March 2018 in the early morning. He was peaceful and had many visits from his Children, grandchildren and friends throughout the day before. He was 92 yrs old. He is survived by […]

In Memory of Ikuko Gardiner

Name: Ikuko Gardiner Spouse: Colin Gardiner Age: 82 Blessing date: 7 April 1989 Ascension Date: 17 March 2018 Ikuko Gardiner ascended to the Spirit World on Saturday, 17 March, 2018, after a long illness. Ikuko lived for Heavenly Father and True Parents, expressing her joy to be within the direct dominion of God. She was […]

In Memory of Theresa Quarmby

Name: Theresa Quarmby Ascension Date: 29 January 2018 Theresa Quarmby passed away peacefully 29th January 2018 at 8am with her family surrounding her, saying their last farewell. Theresa developed an aggressive cancer 6 months ago which sadly took her life. Theresa was a beautiful Yorkshire born and bred sister who worked hard for the providence, […]

In Memory of Robert Adams

Name: Robert John Adams Spouse: Annerose Adams Children: 2 Age: 69 Blessing Date: 1982 Ascension Date: 7 January 2018 Robert was born in Plymouth. He discovered his passion and great talent for football and devoted much of his childhood and youth towards developing his career as a Pro. In 1979, he joined the Unification Church […]

In Memory of George Robertson

Name: George Robertson Spouse: Anni Robertson Children: Gilchrist Age: 65 Ascension Date: 17 November 2017 George Robertson, a loving husband and father to Anni and Gilchrist, joined the Unification Church in 1972 in Scotland. He has been a pioneer, a missionary, a lecturer, a Sunday School teacher in later years. George was passionate to share […]

In Memory of Derrick Davis

Name: Derrick Anthony Davis Spouse: Toyoko Davis Children: Naomi and Samuel Ascension Date: 17 April 2016 Our dear brother Derrick Davis ascended to the Spirit World on Sunday 17th April 2016. He passed away unexpectedly in the early hours from pneumonia. Derrick was a man of great faith and always testified and proclaimed True Parents. Derrick’s nephew […]

In Memory of Patrick Murphy

Name: Patrick Michael Murphy Spouse: Françoise Children: Christophe and Pascal Age: 58 Ascension Date: 17 August 2012 Birthplace: London, United Kingdom Patrick was killed in an accident at work on the 17th of August 2012. His Seonghwa ceremony was held just one week before Father Moon’s ascension. Our family had prayed every day for Father Moon who was in hospital struggling […]