Celebrating the UN International Day of Families 2021

Upcoming Events organised by WFWP UK and UPF UK

Women’s Federation for World Peace UKThursday 13th May at 7pm BST

Meeting ID: 842 1292 8727
Passcode: 116371

WFWP UK invites you to celebrate the UN International Day of Families. The theme of the online event will be “Women, Faith and Families” with the focus being on the role of women, their value and significance in happy families and communities.

Universal Peace Federation UKSaturday 15th May at 2pm BST

The Universal Peace Federation’s co-founders, Father and Mother Moon, promote the family as a sacred institution where people first learn what it means to love. Families provide children and parents the experience of living for the sake of others, loving different types of character and the art of compromise and negotiation and mutual prosperity. It is natural for such love within the family to be extended to wider relatives, which in turn extend to the community, society, and nations.

At the celebration we will be joined by four guest speakers and powerhouses of the family, who will give us their insight into the essential role parents play in society, raising children and early child development. The online registration form includes details of the guest speakers.

We will be very happy to have you with us on this special occasion of the International Day of the Family and hope very much to receive your positive response.

Your Zoom link will be sent to you 1 or 2 days before the event. The minimum donation is £1 but the suggested donation £3 – £5.

Please donate to sponsor our future activities through this link.

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