Chaplaincy Programme Returns For New Academic Year

The Chaplaincy Programme is returning in time for the 2021 academic year to allow for second-generation members to support one another in their spiritual growth through mentorship.

We would like to invite all those aged 18-25-year-olds to be involved with the chaplaincy programme for the upcoming academic year. We have run this mentoring initiative since August 2018, and using our experience and understanding of the current second-generation landscape in the U.K., we would like to offer some tailored 1:1 support.

In the past, we have paired younger and older second-generation community members together based on existing relationships or common experiences to have conversations for the purpose of supporting the mentee’s spiritual growth, over the academic year. Flexible to the pair’s circumstances and needs, this could be anything from one meeting per semester to once a month.

The programme’s staff team consists of core organisers and a larger working group of chaplain volunteers. We were blessed in the past year to be able to receive training and guidance on mentorship from Yebuny Hanna throughout the year.

Some feedback from 2020/21 mentees:

“It was nice to have all them conversations with [my chaplain] as I don’t usually chat with my older siblings about the Church or anything religion-related. So yeah, was pretty insightful to get to know about another brother’s experience and growing up as a BC.”

“I appreciated the programme a lot, it was nice to hear advice/opinions from my chaplain and I especially liked that my chaplain was available last minute before.”

“I appreciated that [my chaplain] checked in with me every month or so. Our one in-person meeting last September was very encouraging for me. I felt understood.”

“The chaplaincy programme has been a helpful and pleasant addition to my life this past year. I’ve enjoyed having casual, but constructive talks with [my chaplain] on a somewhat regular basis.”

“It’s been really good and helpful in general, just having someone to talk to and get input or different perspectives from.”

We have a desire to be thoughtful and considered in our approach to mentoring going forward, so our core team is taking some time to keep reflecting on how best to proceed. Nevertheless, based on feedback received, it is clear that providing this opportunity for mentorship for this age group is valuable and should continue.

We aim to finalise something by next month. In the meantime, we would already like to encourage all those in the age group to sign up to be involved with this mentoring initiative, to commit to investing in their spiritual growth in this way. So, if you know anyone who this may be meaningful for, feel free to link them here:

Let’s make sure to keep up the momentum and connections we have made over the summer and during September, to set a good precedent for the rest of the academic year, shall we?

Sign up for a chaplain!

If you would like more details on this project or if you fall outside of the target group but would be interested in having opportunities during the year to have intentional conversations with older second-generation members, do get in touch with either Carmel Mould or Patrick Hanna.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing your interest,


On behalf of the Chaplaincy Team

Get in contact with the Chaplaincy Team by emailing:

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