CheonBo Victor Couple Survey

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you again for all your efforts in outreach and Tribal Messiah activities, gradually expanding our Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community and the culture of heart.

The Covid Pandemic has proved challenging for all of us, requiring extra effort and creativity to maintain friendships, and develop new relationships. Hopefully, we will be able to begin blessing people more freely soon, once people regain trust and confidence in the human experience.

Wherever you are on the journey towards registering as a CheonBo Victor couple, we would like to ask you to consider filling in the online survey.

For two reasons.

  1. It will help us a lot to have an overview of where we are at, as a community, in our Eurasia and Middle East region.
  2. It may be possible to offer you some help, support and encouragement, in your nations and communities, towards registering as a CheonBo couple.

But the first step is to know where everyone is at. It will just take 2 or 3 minutes to complete the survey, and we would be grateful for the information provided.

As always, we hope that you can feel this is a shared journey for all of us, towards the same destination.


David and Patricia Earle
HTM Europe 

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