Cheongshimwon Special Prayer Halls

Good news! We are now ready to inaugurate the Cheongshimwon Special Prayer Halls in each of our communities in Britain and around the world. This opportunity is a gift from True Mother who wants to give us all the opportunity to experience the same spiritual grace that we enjoyed in the past when we were able to visit the HJ Cheonbo Training centre in person.

Right now the various Holy Items for these prayer halls are being delivered around our region, including the Cheongshimwon Prayer House, the holy candles, and photographic portraits of True Parents, Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim and Daemonim.

The next step will be a ceremony to formalize and consecrate the “settlement” of the first and representative Cheongshimwon Prayer Hall in our region. This prayer service will be led by Regional Presidents Dr. Michael and Fumiko Balcomb and will take place live and online at the South London Peace Embassy on Saturday, December 11th at 1pm GMT (2pm CET). All communities wishing to establish a Prayer Hall should join the live streaming of that event on the regular European Zoom account. Immediately following the programme, we will hold a short bequeathal ceremony that will connect us with all the other nations and locations in Europe. The whole process will take less than one hour. See you then!

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