Comings And Goings: Changes Within The FFWPU-UK Leadership Team 2020 – 2021

Throughout the course of 2020, FFWPU-UK has seen a number of changes to the Leadership Team. As we move into 2021, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to those who have invested into FFWPU and detail those who will be stepping into new positions.

Goings –

We would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following individuals who have worked to strengthen, improve and contribute to our UK community. We wish you all the best in the future.

Eddie H. will be retiring after serving 20 years as the Finance Director. Eddie also served on the Board of Trustees as Treasurer until 2019, when he was succeeded by Huey Fisher. Eddie’s dedication to his role has allowed for FFWPU-UK to operate smoothly over the years as he worked on distribution funds to departments, overseeing the financial implications of activities/events and managing any risk involved. Sylvia L. will be stepping in the role of Finance Director.

Grant M. is retiring after investing over 25 years as the Maintenance Manager and Caretaker of Lancaster Gate, in addition to overseeing the FFWPU-UK archive collection. As Maintenance Manager Grant has worked diligently over the years to make sure that FFWPU-UK’s Headquarters is a suitable venue to host a variety of activities and events, from Sunday Services to HARP activities. Grant’s work has ensured that Lancaster Gate is the heart of our wider UK community. More recently, he has had a pivotal role in the renovations in the public areas of 43 Lancaster Gate.

After more than four years in the role of Lettings Manager of FFWPU-UK, Julian H., will be moving into a new position. Julian managed our rental properties and tenant relations at both Lancaster Gate and Wontner Road. Thanks to Julian we were able to successfully rent out our properties and maintain good relationships with a range of different tenants.

Both Samuel Shongwe and Mia Gardiner will be stepping down from their roles as HARP Leaders. Over the past two years, both Samuel and Mia have been at the forefront of HARP activities, coordinating workshops and Sunday Services, while also investing their upmost to support their young brothers and sisters. They worked to provide wholesome yet relatable education for our young members, in addition to creating a community in which these young people can grow. Furthermore, the two invested tirelessly into background activities such as prayerful concern and sincere devotion.

At the end of January, Réamonn Bateman will be moving on from his position as Ministry Coordinator and Youth Minister. Over the past year, Réamonn has been directly involved in the majority of national events, from CheonBo activities, to National Services and Special Events. His musical and technical expertise has allowed for the smooth and effective operation of these events, while at the same time, he has played an important role in supporting HARP activities. Even more recently, Réamonn has been editing and publishing the audio version of True Father’s autobiography (read by Henry Masters) and has produced and ran the online National Sundays Services.

The final departure from the Leadership Team is Tom O’Connell, who is retiring at the end of January from his role as Director of Operations [General Affairs] after six years in the position. While Tom has been in this role, he has ensured the effective operation of our organisation and has had a hand to play everything from our yearly Annual Gatherings, CheonBo events, and to major projects within the movement. His positive impact within FFWPU-UK cannot be understated and we deeply appreciate all the work he has carried out behind-the-scenes to guarantee results and success. Thank you Tom!

Comings –

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all those stepping into news roles with FFWPU-UK. Thank you for stepping up and we wish you all best!

As of the November 22nd 2020, Ajay Rai has been confirmed into the FFWPU-UK Board of Trustees. Ajay will replace the late Andy Johnson while also continuing to serve as the Chair of the Central London Committee.

The four other FFWPU-UK trustees are: Timothy Read (Chair), Gillian Schroder (Secretary), Huey Fisher (Treasurer) and Joanna Hartl. The FFWPU-UK bylaws permit up to seven trustees so if anyone is interested in serving, please contact the Chair (

Samuel D. will take over from Julian H. as Lettings Manager while also stepping in for Grant Miller as Lancaster Gate Property Officer.

Moving into the HARP Leader/s positions will be Kieran Hoyte and Cha-Eun Lall, who will be taking over the reins from Samuel Shongwe and Mia Gardiner.

Here are personal introductions from the two new HARP Leaders:

Cha-Eun Lall: “Hi everyone! My name is Cha Eun Lall and I am 23 years old. I have recently become part of the core staff team of HARP UK. It feels awesome to be a part of something that has been close to my heart since I myself was a HARP member, and it has long been a desire of mine to work with the UK youth. I look forward to being able to serve and give love to my younger brothers and sisters. Most of all I feel so much value in creating opportunities for my younger brothers and sisters to connect and experience God, and in helping them to carry on those important and very precious bonds within our BC and family community.”

Kieran Hoyte: “Hello!! My name is Kieran Hoyte, I am 22 years old and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to work with our youth as part of the HARP core team. I have always been happy to support and help out in the past few years and am now excited to be able to contribute more directly to the development of HARP and our younger brothers and sisters. I have always appreciated how HARP has contributed to my growth and development as a young person, during my years as a HARP member, and would like to return some of that appreciation by providing opportunities for our young people to develop their life of faith and connect with the values that we uphold within our movement. I look forward to creating a bright future with you!!”

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