“Companions Of Faith” Young Adults’ Weekend Returns!

Our young adult years are critical in forming our life path and our identity. We make big decisions, from what career we would like to start pursuing, who and how we may marry, where we will live and what values we want to uphold in our lives. There are many challenges to surmount and milestones to celebrate.

You are invited to an exciting weekend away at Livingstone House in Chislehurst, organised especially for your age group: 18-22-year-olds. This is a grassroots project run by Miwa, Carmel and Pyong-Chan.

We believe these ups and downs should be experienced with the support of a loving community, and definitely a connected peer group. This is why we would like to bring you all together to have time to create deeper bonds, reflect on ways to grow, recenter your faith, have an amazing start to the academic year and potentially the start of a new chapter!

“We need companions in our life of faith. People without companions are lonely people. Those who have companions can support and protect each other. They can find ways to overcome the challenges that arise in their life. Those with no companions have to resolve by themselves any problems that crop up. But this is a truly challenging task; problems assail us from every direction and we become unable to make it on our own.” – Sun Myung Moon

We are preparing our speakers to give talks on the following topics: developing a life of faith while studying/working, finding opportunities to live your values, forming genuine relationships and more. We will also schedule plenty of chances to chill, catch up and have fun.

Come along and set a bit of time aside this September for some spiritual food (love).

Thank you for your interest, save the dates and we will come back to you with updates soon (including details on making a deposit to secure your place). Have a lovely rest of the Summer.

– The Staff Team

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Times: Friday evening – Sunday lunch

Dates: Friday 17th September 2021 – Sunday 19th September 2021

Age range: 18-22 or uni students

Core staff: Miwa Shaw, Carmel Mould and Pyong-Chan Dimbi

Location: Livingstone House 13 Beechcroft, Chislehurst BR7 5DB

Nearest station: Elmstead Woods (train), Chislehurst High Street (bus)

Price: £60 per person + bring your own sleeping bag

For more information, please contact:

Or visit the Young Adults’ Facebook page:

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