Contribute to a Special Gift for True Mother About EUME Centenary Activities

Organised by the European Centenary Project

You all have been part of many wonderful activities to celebrate the Centenary of our True Father and the 60th anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding in 2020. We want to keep record of all those events and efforts and present a beautiful book and video to True Mother in April 2021 which contains a summary of all those many valuable activities in our EUME region.

We kindly offer you the opportunity to become part of this book and video by sending to us one or more of the following:

  • short testimonies (written or on video) of how you celebrated the Centenary year
  • photos and videos of the Centenary exhibitions in your home or community or nation (best if the photos and videos show the exhibition with people visiting and looking at the posters or sitting in the audience)
  • VIP testimonies about their experiences with True Parents in writing and on video.
  • short testimonies about experiences during the World Summit 2020 (your own or of invited VIPs) in writing and video.
  • short essays about True Parents’ life (or about their memoirs)
  • short testimonies/photographs/video about a special experience with True Parents in your life
  • greetings, greeting cards that you prepared for True Parents during this year of 2020
  • screenshot photos of Zoom events with a topic related to the Centenary year
  • any art work that you have prepared in honour of True Parents (poem, song text, drawing, painting, calligraphy, …) with a short explanation
  • photos of your family or community and a short statement about your dreams and plans for the future.

All written testimonies, essays and greetings should be in English and have a maximum length of 1000 words, and all photos and videos in best available quality.  

Deadline to send in your contributions to is Friday 15th January 2021.

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