Cosmic Blessing Ceremony in April 2022

The next Cosmic Blessing is scheduled to be held on 16th April 2022. The venue will be the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Korea and designated blessing venues around the world.

BFD EUME will send out further details soon.

Required Workshops for the Cosmic Blessing:

We want to inform you about the following workshops that are important for single matched Candidates who want to receive the Cosmic Blessing this time:

Level 2: Matching and Blessing Preparation Workshop

Blessed Children and their parents: 28th to 30th January

This is the last official Level 2 workshop for Blessed Children before the Cosmic Blessing in April. Please keep in mind that this workshop is mandatory for the Blessing and cannot be older than 2 years when receiving the Blessing.

1st Generation: In case you are missing the Level 2 WS, please contact the 1st Generation Department to receive information on Level 2:

Level 3: Matched Couple Workshop

1st Generation: 26th and 27th March

Blessed Children: 2nd and 3rd April

Mandatory for all matched candidates who are registered for the Cosmic Blessing. Invitation will follow.

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