Cosmic Blessing Ceremony in April 2022

UPDATE – 7/3:

Dear Blessing Candidates,

We have just received the information that there is a possibility to travel to Korea and receive the Blessing on the 16th of April 2022 directly from True Mother.

We know that it is an amazing opportunity to receive the Blessing directly from True Mother but we also understand that we are still living in a very difficult time because of travel restrictions. We want to reassure you that it is still possible to receive the next Cosmic Blessing on 16th April on the local level in EUME.

There will be a 2-day program organized for all international participants in Korea.

The following steps need to be considered if you would like to receive the Blessing in Korea (we understand that the restrictions could be changed soon):

  • 7-day quarantine in a hotel – costs 100 USD / day
  • Fully vaccinated (2 vaccinations)
  • Flight costs
  • Depending on your nation, maybe a quarantine when returning home
  • Invitation letter (only for countries who need a visa to enter Korea)

General costs connected with the Blessing:

  • Blessing offering
  • Blessing attire
  • Rings

Please contact us before 11th March if you would like to join the Blessing group in Korea:


Orlande Schenk
BFD EUME Director

The upcoming Cosmic Blessing will take place on 16th April 2022 (exact time TBA). The venue will be the Cheongshim Peace World Center for those participants who are in Korea, or via live-webcast in local churches approved by the BFD EUME (to be announced). At this point, it is very unlikely that anyone can travel to Korea to attend the Blessing there.

Online Pre-Registration

We would like to ask everyone who wants to join this year’s Cosmic Blessing of April 2022 to fill out our online registration form.

We would like to prepare as soon as possible but we are still waiting on further details from Korea.

Please be aware that it does not matter where you will receive the Blessing; all EUME Blessing candidates planning to attend or thinking about joining the upcoming Blessing should register via the link below:

  • 1st Generation Single Candidates
  • Blessed Children Single Candidates
  • Single Person 60+
  • Married Couple who prepare to receive the Cosmic Blessing

More information will follow after the registration.

DEADLINE to REGISTER at submit all documents: 20th March 2022!

Please understand that it is a lot of work for our staff if you register and submit documents after the deadline. We would ask everyone who registers and submits documents after the deadline to contribute with extra 30 EUR for administration.

Special Grace

There will be no Special Grace offered by True Mother in this Blessing. We did not receive any further information regarding this matter.

Please Note: Married Intergenerational couples (1st & 2nd generation couples) cannot attend this Cosmic Blessing.

Blessing Rings

Please wait for now with the purchase of Blessing rings. We received the information that there might be a small change regarding this item. We do not have any further details for now.

Required Workshops for the Cosmic Blessing

Further we want to inform you about the following workshops that are important for single matched candidates who want to receive the Cosmic Blessing this time.

Level 2: Matching and Blessing Preparation Workshop

Blessed Children Level 2: January 28th – 30th January

Please link to the invite here. This is the last official Level 2 workshop for Blessed Children before the Cosmic Blessing in April. Please keep in mind that this workshop is mandatory for the Blessing and cannot be older than 2 years when receiving the Blessing.

1st Generation Level 2: In case you are missing the Level 2 WS please contact the 1st Generation Department to receive information on Level 2:

Level 3 Workshop for all Candidates registered for the Cosmic Blessing

We will offer a mandatory workshop for all candidates who are registered for the upcoming Blessing in April 2022.

Please save the date:

1st Generation Level 3: 26th & 27th March 2022

Blessed Children Level 3: 2nd & 3rd April 2022

Qualification for all Candidates

Please remember only qualified candidates who have completed the Blessing Application in time and received approval from the EUME Blessed Family Department will be able to attend the Blessing.

Please make sure to complete your Blessing Application and send in or upload all your documents. Please follow the link for further information on the qualifications.

Qualifications for 1st Generation and Married Couples: Application Process

Qualifications for Blessed Children: Qualifications


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us:

Blessed Children:

1st Generation & Married Couples: 

EUME Blessed Family Department


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