Council Of Communities Returns!

Over the weekend, our community leaders and representatives gathered in Derbyshire to discuss the future of our movement, in a program led by the young adults of our community.

After over a year and a half of being held online, the Council Of Communities returned for its first in-person gathering since January 2020.

The purpose of this meeting was especially significant; to discuss the possible restructuring of our organisation and to recognise the opportunities and challenges that come with such changes.  

Attendees were challenged to consider how to revive our movement, emerge successfully from the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild momentum as an organisation.

The schedule, running from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, was arranged by four young adult members of our community, who led the attendees on a journey of reflection on what is best for the future of our movement.

The main part of the schedule began with attendees reflecting on both what inspires and frustrates them about our movement. This made it clear what our strengths are as an organisation and what can be improved moving forward.

This was followed by an insightful presentation by Haesul Raccuja on the topic of home church and the opportunities that await us once we open our homes to others.

Later on, attendees were divided into groups to discuss ideas on how a potential restructuring would take place; for the most part, the groups came to similar conclusions on which direction we should go in.

The majority of ideas centred around having four pastors, ideally second-generation members, for the whole of our movement within the United Kingdom and that the pastors would encourage the natural merging of our existing communities (for example, North and Central London).

The day of discussions and debates ended with unison prayer to give attendees a chance for introspection and reflection.

The following morning, attendees gathered for a Sunday morning worship service, with a sermon given by Dr. David Hanna on the importance of loving our community.

The gathering was a great success, with the schedule allowing for sincere deliberation among attendees, who invested into discussing the opportunities that lie ahead for our movement.   

We would like to recognise and appreciate the young adult members who were instrumental in organising and supporting this Council Of Communities weekend; thank you Sonja Read, Jessica Greaves, Gary Raccuja and Haesul Raccuja.

And we would also like to thank all the community leaders and representatives who were able to attend. For more information on what happened at the Council Of Communities, please contact your local pastor or representative.

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