“Deep Bonding of Heart” – Spring Reunion of EUME Leaders & Representatives in Germany

For the first time in over 2 years, leaders and representatives of many of the 72 countries in the Europe and Middle East (EUME) region met in Germany last weekend. The joy of meeting in person was tempered by the absence of leaders from Russia and Ukraine, a painful reminder of the ongoing violence in Ukraine. Many tearful prayers for peace in the region were offered during the weekend.

Regional President, Dr Michael Balcomb, summarised True Mother’s three key expectations for EUME at the start of the meeting:

  1. Europe is capable of contributing more to the providence spiritually, practically and financially
  2. EUME needs to boldly restructure and quickly accomplish a generational change of leadership
  3. Europe must be the elder brother and educate and lead the younger brothers (Russia, China, & all the nations that don’t know God’s providence)

True Mother delivered a prophetic commission to the members of the EUME region just days before the invasion of Ukraine, explaining that EUME stands in the position of elder brother with a responsibility to educate and raise up younger brothers, specifically Russia and China. During the meeting, the conditions met by our region to earn such a qualification were considered, especially the EUME contribution to the recent events in Korea. EUME is a region that is united in oneness with True Mother, so she can trust this region to take responsibility for greater things.

The format of the meeting was quite refreshing: Each session was in two parts, with a small number of short and punchy presentations followed by a panel discussion lead by a moderator. One panel focused on follow up to the recent World Summit, to allow True Mother to embrace the top leaders in all fields. Another panel discussed improving outreach, especially in the area of communications. Another panel showcased an exciting panel of young leaders – all but one were sisters – whose confident faith and commitment illustrated that there is good reason to have hope for the future of our movement in this region. In fact, the weekend’s programme had been put together by the team of vice presidents, led by Bogdan P. (EUME) and including Mickey & Nicole L. (Central sub-region), Sarah A. (Middle East sub-region), Julika L. (West sub-region), Matthew Huish (North sub-region) and Gani R. (East sub-region), with the support of many others.

Nevertheless, the topic of generational transition is still of great concern. This was discussed in a World Café format, identifying the problems and obstacles inhibiting effective transition and proposing possible solutions. Regional Vice President, Bogdan P., shared an inspiring story of how he worked together with his father to break down the walls in the house he had inherited from his father, being careful to avoid damaging the load bearing walls: This was a powerful metaphor illustrating the need for inheriting the core foundation of True Parents and developing it creatively.

In spite of the programme being quite busy, time was allocated for group worship each day, including a Sunday Service welcoming online participants from across the region, resulting in a high spirit being present throughout the meeting. Additionally, participants of the meeting could share in meaningful fellowship not just during the mealtimes and breaks but also during scheduled programmes that facilitated deep bonding of heart with one another.

With so many areas of activity across the EUME region, the foundation of oneness with True Mother is as important as ever. By uniting with her, the region is able to invite people from all sorts of backgrounds to attend our Heavenly Parent. The meeting concluded with messages in the spirit of repentance and determination to end current conflicts and cultivate peace at every level, from the individual to the global.

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