The History Of The Unification Church In The United Kingdom

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Our History

The Unification Church is a new religious movement founded by Korean religious leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Members are found throughout the world, with the largest number living in South Korea and Japan. The church and its members own, operate, and subsidise organisations and projects involved in politics, culture, commerce, media, education, and other activities. 

Unification Church members believe that Jesus appeared to a young Sun Myung Moon when he was 16 years old and asked him to accomplish the work left unfinished after his crucifixion. After a period of sincere prayer and consideration, Rev. Moon accepted the mission from Jesus.

Rev. Moon formally founded his organisation in Seoul, calling it “The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.” The name alludes to Rev. Moon’s stated intention for his organisation to be a unifying force for all Christian denominations. “Unification” has political as well as religious connotations, in keeping with the church’s teaching that restoration must be complete, both spiritual and physical.

In 1974, Rev. and Mrs. Moon established a Holy Ground in a farm outside Swindon which had been recently donated to the movement. The Holy Ground consisted of oak saplings planted in the shape of a cross, symbolising the Christian foundation in England. The following documentary tells the extraordinary story of the longstanding members who donated the farmhouse: Henry & Avril Masters.