Euro Footprints Document Available + Updated History Webpage!

“The History Of The Unification Church In The United Kingdom” document it is now available in its entirety, following the release of the final part this week. We have also updated our “History” page, which can be found on the footer below. 

The whole UK portion of the document, which consists of over 80 pages, has been released on a weekly basis over the past few months. It covered the history of our movement from 1965, all the way through to 2014. 

Download the full document here: 

We have also updated the “History” page on the website, where you can download each chapter of the document individually. We have also added a few short paragraphs detailing our history as a movement and a link to “The Eye of a Needle” documentary. 

We will continue to add information in this area of the website in order to detail and record the history of our movement in the United Kingdom. 

The “History” webpage can be accessed on the footer below, under “Resources”. Alternatively, it can be accessed here: 

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