European Tong-Il Moo-Do Workshop in Italy

Sunday 28th August to Sunday 4th September

With pleasure, we announce the first Tong-Il Moo-Do workshop in Europe, which will be held in Italy from 28th August to 4th September.

What is Tong-Il Moo-Do?

Tong-Il Moo-Do is the way of unified martial arts which, centering upon the Unification Principle, harmonizes and systematizes the circular movement (soft motion) as the subject and linear movement (hard motion) as the object, and gives meaning and value to the movements and techniques.

Through the contents and practice of Unified Martial Arts, we will experience the essence of Unification Philosophy.

Moo-Do’s goal is to incorporate body and soul. “Do” of Moo-Do means the “way of life”.

Moo-Do trainees should become men and women of noble character who realize the True Family and sacrifice themselves for the sake of World Peace.

We are happy to announce that the EUME Headquarters is offering a generous sponsorship of €50 per person. We are very grateful for this support, as an expression of care and encouragement for all blessed families involved.

For further information, please contact CARP Italy:

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