Happy True Parents’ Day!

This year’s True Parents’ Day, which celebrates the coming together of a True Husband and True Wife in Blessed Marriage, will take place on Saturday, April 16th 2022.

“Parent’s Day” was founded on March 1st, 1960 as one of the major Unificationist Holy Days.

On the 35th Parents’ Day in 1994, it was renamed as “True Parents’ Day”.

This year, the Holy Day will take place on Saturday, April 16th 2022.

But what actually is “True Parents’ Day”?

It is a celebration of a True Husband and a True Wife coming together in Blessed Marriage, creating a family centred on God and becoming True Parents.

What did Rev. Sun Myung Moon say on the topic of parents?

“Grandparents handed down love to parents, the parents handed down love to a husband and a wife, and the couple handed down love to children… You were born of your parents, so your parents were the first ones to whom you could speak. Your first sound was “daddy and mommy.” What are parents born for? They are born for their children!”

” This day was established to celebrate the day on which a man and woman became husband and wife based on the original love of God. It celebrates the beginning of the ideal realm of human completion that God has long desired. It celebrates the complete unity of the mind and body of a man and the mind and body of a woman, achieved horizontally with God as the center.”

”Children must grow up looking at their parents as their models, thinking, ‘I will be like my father. I will be like my mother.’ That is the best tradition.” – Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What is the significance of “True Parents’ Day”?

God gave Adam & Eve the “Three Great Blessings” at the time of creation. However, they fell away from God and were not able to fulfil them. Through the foundation of Jesus and the Marriage Blessing of the lamb of True Parents, True Parenthood has been restored and brought us back into a True Parent and child relationship with our God. We are no longer adopted sons and daughters of God – but his direct lineage and children.

“God blessed Adam and Eve and hoped that they would complete the Three Great blessings (1: to reach individual perfection, 2: to marry, become husband and wife and then build a family by conceiving children, 3: to be the owners of creation and to govern it with love.)

On the day that Adam and Eve got married, it would have been a day of joy not only for the perfection of two children of God, but also for Adam and Eve to stand as a husband and a wife to each other, and for all creation to welcome their owner of true love. In other words, ‘Parents’ Day’, ‘Children’s Day’, ‘Day of All Things’, and ‘God’s Day’ were supposed to be on the same day. However, when Adam and Eve fell, all of God’s ideal of Creation was lost.

On this day Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon declared that they became the True Parents of humankind… As such, the engagement ceremony with Hak Ja Han was held at the headquarters church of Seoul on March 1st, 1960 Heavenly Calendar, on the victorious foundation on which he had indemnified and restored human history. True Father, Rev. Moon, came as the third Adam, restored the foundation for the ‘True Parents’ of humankind and could welcome True Mother, Hak Ja Han, as his bride. ‘The marriage of the Lamb’, as prophesied in the Bible, (Revelation 19:7) was fulfilled. Beginning the following year, 1961, this day was decided to be Parents’ Day. In 1994, it was renamed as True Parents’ Day, and other days, such as ‘God’s Day’, ‘Day of All Things’, ‘Children’s Day’ were also renamed to have ‘True’ at the beginning of the title.”

– The Traditions of a Blessed Life

The event is finished.


16 Apr 22


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