Live Broadcast: 3rd HPHC Hyojeong Nuri Family Service

May Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ love and blessing guide and keep you throughout the week.

It is our pleasure to announce that we will be holding the 3rd Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Hyojeong Nuri Family Service this Sunday 31st October.

All members are invited to watch this Hyojeong Nuri Family Service, which True Mother will also be watching.

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  1. Title: 3rd Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Hyojeong Nuri Family Service
  2. Purpose: A service where a family of three generations can participate together and experience Heavenly Parent and True Parents centered on the values of filial love, and expand the culture of filial devotion (hyojeong)
  3. Date: October 31, 2021, 9:40 – 12:00 (KST), 01:40 – 04:00 AM CET
  4. Participants: Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community blessed families and peace associates (close contacts) together with their children
  5. Major Program: Let’s Do HoonDokHae (True Mother’s Life Story), Hyojeong Story Telling (The Story of Nolbu), Sharing Hyojeong, Hyojeong Activities, and more


We hope this program will especially uplift and inspire the youngest in our community.

The event is finished.


31 Oct 21


12:40 am


International HQ


International HQ
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