Paradigms – Zoom Workshop

Online Workshop with William Haines

Saturday 17th, Saturday 24th & Saturday 31st October

Registrations close on Thursday 15th October. We will send an email to all applicants by the 16th October with the Zoom Link and any further details we have.

The workshop titled “Unificationists Worldview In Contemporary Society” is calling all young adults in our community to join in on this free online workshop.

Do you have views about contemporary matters such as equality, identity politics and the role of God and religion in society?

Have you or anyone you know been accused of cultural appropriation or not being politically correct despite how you actually respect and appreciate features and identities different to your own?

Do you feel free to talk about your convictions openly with your friends or colleagues without fear of being publicly shamed or “cancelled”?

Nowadays we find more and more polarisation at all levels of society and institutions. How do we orient ourselves? How do we remain anchored and hopeful in the face of intolerance?

In this lecture series, we uncover the philosophical and historical roots of the way of thinking that is dominating the current discourse in academia, the media and most of the cultural, social and political institutions in our world today. In light of this, we want to provide an alternative viewpoint rooted in the Judeo-Christian-Unification Tradition, to understand, engage with and challenge the prevailing and dominant paradigm which we are all exposed to. The goal of the content is to help us to apply the Principle to understand our current reality and how we can develop an alternative way of looking at things which can solve the problems.

Join us in the last three weekends of October through Zoom to listen to and discuss with William Haines, as he shares his personal insights and convictions, and how True Parents’ teachings relate to such matters. Warning: This content may shift your paradigms.

Please note that this series will contain very similar content to the “Weltanshauung” and “Joining the Dots” workshops of summer 2020 if you have already attended any of those ones.

“In the new dispensation, there are only victims and oppressors, and if you are not on the side of the victims, you must be an oppressor. That is the moral blackmail currently used to curtail freedom of speech…”  – Johnathan Sacks – Morality

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17 Oct 20


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


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