Rally of Hope

The following update has been distributed to inform members of the period of special devotion for the Rally of Hope, which is expected to draw an audience of a million participants worldwide.

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Special Devotions for the Success of the Rally of Hope – 27th July to 9th August (14 Days)


  1. For True Mother’s health and long life
  2. For the firm settlement of the era of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community
  3. For the firm settlement of a Heavenly Unified Korea and a Heavenly Unified World
  4. For the successful holding of the “Rally of Hope for the Firm Establishment of a Heavenly Unified World”

How to offer the devotions:

1) Each member should invite at least 43 people to the event
2) Donation for peace-building efforts
a) Heavenly Korea: KRW 12,000 or more for each blessed couple and adult children.
b) Overseas: US $10 or more for each blessed couple and adult children.
c) Each regional group headquarters should collect the donations and send the funds to the International Headquarters.
d) For more convenient transfer of funds, we will provide PayPal information in a subsequent communication.

For the attention of communities and brothers & sisters who have already registered online for the 9th August event.

As a priority, FFWPU International is now looking especially for communities to join the live event as a visible live audience on the big screen. For this, we have 20 community slots for our region. The conditions are:

  • To be ready two hours before for a rehearsal
  • To be officially dressed
  • To be visible throughout the whole event
  • Minimum 25 people
  • Social distancing measures
  • Well-lighted room
  • No press

Community Registration:

Those communities who would like to join as a visible live audience on the big screen, please register under this link.

Family and Individual Registration:

We are very sorry, but we will have to ask all of the 920 families and individuals who have registered themselves already to register again, after you have decided in which way you want to join the event – individually or with your community. Please register under the new link.

In the event that more than 20 communities register, a lottery will decide.

For individual registrations, we have 120 slots. A lottery will also decide in case more than 120 register. Those communities, families and individuals who do not get a slot will have to join the event through the normal live streaming.

The event is finished.


09 Aug 20


2:00 am


International HQ


International HQ