Everything That Has Been Going On At Cleeve House

Cleeve House remains an iconic building within our United Kingdom movement, one that holds precious memories for much of our membership. This article provides an overview as to what has been happening at the property over the past year.

Volunteers helping out with restoration work.

The vast majority of activities that would usually have taken place at Cleeve House were cancelled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this has allowed for some development work to take place on the property.

Over 2020 the focus was on the repair, renewal and restoration of the estate, both inside and outside of the property.

Here is a list of the recent restoration activities that have taken place:

  • Large, overgrown trees have been trimmed or even cut down;
  • Several areas of the estate have to tidied up, specifically the garden and woodland area;
  • Repairs have taken place on the roofs of the property (Cleeve House has sixteen separate roofs);
  • Repairs to plumping and electrics within the main rented rooms;
  • Repairs to guttering and rainwater pipes;
  • Clearing out and removal of rubbish from the inside storage areas;
  • And the clearing out and reorganising of bedding and soft furnishings.

The majority of the renewal effort has been focused on the B&B rooms, which serve as a shop-window to the general public and allows for Cleeve House to be self-sustainable.

Senior HARP Workshop.

Cleeve House has also invested into upgrading its primary lecture room (the Salisbury room) by adding a 65-inch television, solid oak sideboard and place glass conference table.

In the kitchen and storage areas poor refrigeration units has been discarded and upgraded to meet modern Environmental Health Standards.

Additionally, electrical installations and fire alarm systems have been installed and maintained by Mervyn C.

Furthermore, a great deal of effort has been made by Bernard and Masako C., who have been managing Cleeve House over this past year, to improve relationships with the neighbours around the estate.

Despite coronavirus restrictions, a couple of events were able to be held at the property over the summer months (August – September 2020), in addition to clean-up projects and the re-opening of our B&B service. These included:

  • A workshop for pastors;
  • HARP Junior workshop;
  • HARP Senior workshop;
  • And the North London Summer Camp.

A primary goal for Cleeve House in 2021 is to stop dealing with problems regarding the property with quick solutions, but instead complete all necessary repairs and renewals to a high standard, with the long-term in mind.

Bernard and Masako C. have done an excellent job in managing the Cleeve House estate over this past year of many changes and uncertainties.

They will be stepping down from their role as Cleeve House Managers and will be succeeded by Mervyn and Roswitha C.

We thank Bernard and Masako for all their hard work in managing and maintaining the property and wish Mervyn and Roswitha all the best in this new endeavour.  

For more information on Cleeve House, and other developments within the movement, keep an eye out for the UK Annual Report, which will be published in the next few weeks.

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