FFWPU UK 2020 Annual Report

Last year, as the grim reality of Covid-19 spread across the country, it felt to most of us as if everything we had been hoping to achieve in 2020 was snatched away the moment we were all told to stay home and effectively wait out this pandemic. Nevertheless, the vision and determination of our members never wavered when faced with such unprecedented challenges, and this is something that truly shines through on every single page of this annual report.

We, the communications team, hope that those reading it will feel the same gratitude and admiration for what was accomplished during 2020 that we did as each report landed in our inbox. It is nothing short of inspirational to learn how the communities and departments that comprise our UK movement supported one another and overcame every obstacle in their efforts to continue sharing True Parents’ message in new and exciting ways!

If you would like to purchase extra copies of the annual report, please fill out of the order form or send an email to:

Additional copies: £3 each, 4 for £10 or 12 for £25

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