FFWPU-UK Education Department Survey

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am privileged to be taking on the role of Education Director for FFWPU UK and would like to start by asking you for your thoughts and expectations for the Education department.  I will be working closely with William Haines, as our senior teacher, as well as with Dr Balcomb and Matthew Huish as national leaders.  For the present, my focus hours are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.30am-5pm for direct communications or meetings.

As I see it, some key goals of the education mission are:

  1. to provide age-appropriate Principle-based education within our communities, as well as for the country as a whole
  2. to support the pathway for the people of this country to become good parents, teachers and owners
  3. to produce, and promote access to, resources that enable these goals to be advanced.

This is relevant to almost everyone in our community: those preparing sermons, running Sunday schools, teaching workshops and other outreach events, families doing hoondokhwe at home and individuals seeking truth and inspiration through personal study. In all these activities, our concern is to be effective: exploring truth with good information, deepening faith based on divine revelation and providing clear and engaging words and thoughts for our children and other young people’s spiritual development. We want to know our place in the providence of God – not only as individuals, but also as families, communities and a nation.

Please do let me know how I might be able to support you in any of these goals by completing the form on this link: You may choose whether to make your comments anonymous or to include your name and contact details.

Chris Le Bas


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