Former US President Donald Trump Will Be Speaking At The Think Tank 2022 Rally Of Hope

Former President Of The United States of America Donald Trump will be a keynote speaker alongside Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, Hun Sen and Mohamed Bazoum at the upcoming Rally Of Hope.

Initiated by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the Rally of Hope series aims to transcend political, religious, racial and ideological boundaries to bring about meaningful change. She will deliver the Founder’s Address during the rally.

With “Think Tank 2022”, a global network of experts from various sectors will be combining their wisdom, expertise and concern in pursuit of a peaceful unification of Korea.

Former US President Donald Trump is well-versed in the issues of the two Koreas, after meeting with current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in various summits, notably in Singapore in 2018 and in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in 2019. Trump is often cited in making great strides in initiating dialogue with North Korea.

Donald Trump served as the 45th President of the United States of America from 2017 to 2021 representing the Republican Party.

Our movement has had ties to the Republican Party for many years, dating back to when Rev. Sun Myung Moon founded the Washington Times and cultivated relationships with Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

Dr Moon is also uniquely placed in dealing with such a challenge regarding the two Koreas as she herself was born in North Korea and fled to the South prior to the Korean war. She and her husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, spent years working on the reunification of the two Koreas, with the couple eventually visiting North Korea to have a meeting with its then leader, Kim Il Sung.

In her memoir, “Mother Of Peace”, Dr Moon wrote about North Korea. She said: “[My husband and I] went to North Korea not to get something but to give genuine true love. For the sake of God, my husband and I forgave the unforgiveable; for the sake of humanity, we loved the unlovable.”

Rev. Sun Myung Moon has often spoke about the importance of America and of democracy. Speaking in Washington D.C. he said: “This year we will have the motto: ‘Safeguard the Unified Front.’

“That will be the motto for this year. The reason for such a motto this year is that the democratic world is the frontline in safeguarding God’s providence. If we view this from the world situation, the democratic world has come under very difficult circumstances.

“It is in great danger. We know all the world is threatened by the ideology of Communism. We know too, not only America, but all countries in Asia and Europe — all countries — are affected by the threat of the Communist world.

“God gave the external responsibility to the democratic world as their part in the providence of restoration.

“But because of their incapability of fulfilling their responsibility, the group which bears the internal responsibility for the providence of God must take on the external responsibilities too.

“In the democratic world religion bears the internal responsibility. Among religions the specific one is Christianity.

“To accept this responsibility Christianity must be prepared to bear all additional responsibilities so as to overcome the threat of Communism. As we know, in reality Christianity is not prepared to overcome such a threat.

“Consequently if Christianity is unable to bear such responsibility then there should be another group which is able to do so to safeguard God’s providence. We will establish that group with our Unification Church.

“Thus we have to protect Christianity and the democratic world as well as overcome all threats of Communism.” (December 31st, 1971)

Other keynote speakers include Hun Sen (Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia), Mohamed Bazoum (President of the Republic of the Niger), Denis Sassou Nguesso (President of the Republic of Congo), José Manuel Barroso (former President of the European Commission) and Gloria Arroyo (former president of the Philippines).

The Rally begins at 00:40 AM BST on Sunday 12th September 2021.

To stream the Think Tank 2022 Rally of Hope live, please visit:

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