Franklin and Cecilie Fortune: Reflecting On Life As Pastors

After 24 years of service to our community, Franklin and Cecilie Fortune have stepped down as pastors of South London Community. We catch up with the pair as they reflect on their time as pastors.

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How would you summarise your time as pastors?

Franklin: “It’s been quite a journey of learning and growing. And seeking to understand God’s heart.

“It’s been a journey about learning about people, learning about people’s life, the journey they are on, valuing the journey that they are on, and trying your best to support them, learning together.”

Cecilie: “It’s been 24 years since we came to South London, looking back and now, I feel this huge difference.

“When you start off, you are all community members and after this time, we know people. We know brothers and sisters. That is very rewarding to be able to be a part of people’s lives.

“Like Franklin mentioned, it has been a huge growing experience.

“Most of all, through this course, I’ve come to learn a lot more about God and deepen my relationship with God and True Parents.”

What has been a highlight of your time as pastors?

Franklin: “I think a positive experience was when we decided to build a peace embassy. That was quite something.

“Working together with others, working as a team, trusting one another, supporting one another. Not only as a team, but the whole community working towards something.

“It shows what we can do when we work together, when we make a commitment together.”

Cecilie: “Building the Peace Embassy was really quite a momentous thing. Probably, one of the most challenging things I have done.

“We were a very close team working together. Each one of us, at a certain time, we couldn’t go on, so the others held down the fort, in a sense. Until one of us had recovered a bit to be back onboard again.

“And also the whole community, we did so many fundraising events. It just shows that if you really want to, the community came together and I really feel it is an accomplishment of the whole community.”

For a more detailed interview, please watch the full video interview here.

We want to thank Franklin and Cecilie Fortune for their constant investment and sincere devotion in our community over the past 24 years and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Thank you.

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