Happy Birthday Song Recording for True Mother

EUME Region Song Recording on Zoom

Saturday 13th February at 7:30am GMT

All are invited to a song recording session for True Mother’s birthday on Saturday 13th February at 7:30am GMT via Zoom. We will be making a recording of everyone singing the traditional “Happy Birthday To You” song together, followed by “SongaJi”.

Happy Birthday To You (Korean)

생신 축하 합니다
생신 축하 합니다
사랑하는 참 부모님!
생신 축하 합니다

Saenshin Chukha Hamnida
Saenbshin Chukha Hamnida
Sarang Hanun Chambumonim
Saengshin Chukha Hamnida

송아지 – Children’s Song (Korean)

송아지 송아지
Songaji Songaji
얼룩 송아지
Eolluk Songaji
엄마 소도 얼룩소
Eomma sodo eolluk so
엄마 닮았네
Eomma dalmaneh

Baby Cow – Children’s Song (English)

Baby cow, baby cow, spotted baby cow
Mama cow is spotted too, you look like your mom.

Please wear your best clothes for the recording session and practise this song beforehand:

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