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Through Soul Sisters <3 Act 1: The Sleepover, we want to create a culture of sisterhood and an opportunity for sisters to bond, share, and strengthen their faith together. This will not be a workshop but rather a guided space and place to reconnect to the value of being sisters, daughters of God, and having each other to listen and learn from.

Realising that despite being connected in various ways to this big UC community, it has become more apparent and discussed that we do not know each other as well as we could and it is easy for people to become left out. And to not have a connection to those who share the same faith or belief as you is a huge loss in opportunity to share in the victories from the challenges we all go through with our lives of faith.

In order to do something about this one of HARP’s endeavours is to create a space which supports FFWPU’s Objective:

1. 1. Become individuals of integrity and compassion who reflect the character and love of God, our Heavenly Parent by

1.2. Supporting individuals to overcome their selfish (fallen) nature and create opportunities for self-development. 

There has already been a great initiative this year – The Brother’s in Arms workshop, for brothers, which was hugely successful in bringing the brothers together guided by the wisdom of UC’s older 2nd Generation brothers. Now HARP UK presents a space for sisters of age 15+ over a weekend overseen by older sisters Mia, Grace, Carmel and Dong-Soon, all of whom have participated and team led in training programs such as STF, DONE or has experience being a Youth Leader.

For who? HARP sisters, 15 +. This is open for all HARP sisters year 10 and above (turning 15 before the 1st of September 2022).

Dates: Friday 15th July (arrivals between 5pm and 7:30pm) to Sunday 17th July (departures after 3pm)

Fee: £30 (details will be sent later when registration is accepted)

Please register here:

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Cindy at or you can call her on 07950287547. Or contact,

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