HJ CheonBo Great Works in April *Postponed from February*

EUME Region Group Registration for HJ CheonBo Great Works

Friday 15th and Sunday 17th April

The following information is an extension to the official memo sent out by the International Headquarters regarding the 2022 February Hyojeong CheonBo Special Workshop. It was prepared to give some additional guidelines for members from the Europe and the Middle East region. Please make sure to also read their official memo for more information on participation and the schedule.

The EUME Office opened a registration link for members in our region who would like to register directly through the EUME bank account. If you use this link to register, you do not need to send any further email to the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center in Korea. Same, if you already registered through Korea, you don’t need to register once again through the EUME link.

Registration Deadlines:

Complete donation must be wired AND bank transfer receipt must be mailed to the CheonBo EUME branch by Tuesday 5th April 2022.  If registration is not submitted with proof of bank transfer by the deadline, or if we haven’t received yet the donation, your registration will be cancelled

Automatic Transfer of Registrations from the Cancelled February Great Works:

  • If you registered for the February Great Works and received a confirmation from our branch staff, your registration was automatically transferred to the April Great Works after the February event was cancelled. You don’t need to register again.
  • For those special cases of members who transferred their registrations from the February Great Works to our 5th March CB EUME branch event, you will need to register again for the April Great Works if you wish to participate.

If you have any doubts about your registration, you can contact us through our branch email to clarify the situation:

Graces Available During This Event:

  • Ancestor and Collateral Liberation
  • Ancestor Blessing and Collateral Blessing of Married Spirits
  • Central Evil Spirit Removal
  • Self-Liberation Reservation
  • Cleansing of the Fetus of un-born children
  • Hyojeong Offering Papers
  • Expunging the ancestors’ memories of the sins from their past life – all Hyojeong Offering papers offered during our 2020 and 2021 branch events will be melted after this event. If you offered a paper during one of these events but couldn’t participate yet in a Hyojeong Offering Ceremony, please register and attend this time to receive this grace
  • Removal of Evil Spirits through Chanyang Yeoksa (from home or in church center)

Workshop Participation Fees in Euro:

Group Standard/Age012 years13 years and above
Registration   FeeGroup 110€24€
Group 26€14€
Group 34€10€
Group 42€5€
Group 51€1€

Ancestor or Collateral Liberation and Blessing Registration:

  • If you are applying for Ancestor or Collateral Liberation and Blessing, you will still need to register through the link:
  • Then your forms for Ancestor or Collateral Liberation and Blessing should be sent to our branch email address for checking:
  • Since this event is held by the HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center in Korea, please keep in mind that there are additional registration fees that need to be calculated, depending on the number of sets of ancestors you are liberating or blessing.
  • Furthermore, if your register through the EUME account, the donation amounts will be calculated in Euros since it is the only currency we accept.
  • Before sending any donation, we kindly ask that you first send your form to our email for checking.
  • If you are applying for several forms, you need to pay registration fee for only one of the forms (e.g. doing 1 collateral liberation form + 1 collateral blessing form: you need to pay the registration fee only one time). In this case, keep the registration fee in only one form and do not write it in the others.

Reference for the donation amounts in Euro:

 Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5KoreaJapan
1-7 gens€ 651.00€ 465.00€ 233.00€93.00€47.00 
8+ gens€ 66.00€ 47.00€24.00€10.00€5.00
Collateral€ 112.00€ 93.00€47.00€19.00€10.00€92.00€950.00
HJ Offering PaperGold€93.00€ 75.00€56.00€38.00€19.00 
HJ Offering PaperSilver€47.00€ 38.00€28.00€19.00€10.00

*Bronze HJ Offering papers are not available during this event*

Sending Your Donation to the EUME Office Bank Account:

You can either send by bank transfer:

Name of BankFrankfurter Sparkasse
Bank AddressFrankfurter Sparkasse, Alt-Sossenheim 25,65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Holder’s AddressFFWPU-Europe, Nassauerstr. 14,65795 Hattersheim, Germany
IBANDE97 5005 0201 0200 6918 80
  • Please make sure you send the donation with your name in the reference. If it does not have your name on it, we might not be able to find it.
  • Please send EUR only (other currencies are not accepted) and please pay all processing fees for the transfer. For more details on processing fees, please ask your bank.
  • Or by PayPal to this address:

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