“My Heart Is So Filled After The HJ Youth Blessing Festival”

Youth Festival in Pursuit of Happy and Blessed Lives

On Saturday 27th March, youth and students from all around the globe gathered to celebrate the vision of the International Marriage Blessing. The festival featured energetic break dance, beat box and pop performances, as well as stories from couples who have already completed the journey of receiving the marriage blessing. Mother Hak Ja Han Moon, who initiated together with her late husband Sun Myung Moon the international marriage blessing movement, shared words of wisdom with all present: “You [young people] are the pure water of True Parents. This water must flow to give life. So, I hope that you can continue your activities […] and fulfil Heavenly Parent’s and your own dreams.”

Several thousand participants online as well as onsite at the Peace World Center in South Korea expressed their desire to pursue building happy families and their resolution to do so by focusing on their personal development and abstaining from pre-marital sexual relationships. The festival concluded with a moving display of performances by children of international blessed couples.

“My heart is so filled after the HJ youth blessing festival, seeing all those couples loving each other, continuing the culture and tradition Father and Mother Moon set for us. Thank you!” – High school student that participated in a local watch party)

“I was not sure whether I wanted to continue on this path towards the blessing. This festival encouraged me on that path.” – High school student that participated in a local watch party)

The following day (Sunday 28th March) around 15 watch parties were held in Europe and the Middle East, featuring the rebroadcast of festival highlights. Participants shared their dreams and aspirations, as well as challenges with their peers in an emphatic environment.

Watch the rebroadcast here:

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