Dr Michael Balcomb

Holy Day Donations in Support of Upcoming Great Events

Happy April!

Fumiko and I send you our warm greetings from Albania where we will join an important Balkans UPF Peace Conference this weekend in our beautiful new Cheonilguk Peace Embassy. This is a direct follow up to the World Summit of February, where our EUME region fielded a strong team.

At that Summit, True Mother alerted us to the darkening clouds hanging over Europe and now we have passed through more than a month of a terrible war with the needless loss of so many lives including innocent children and elderly grandparents. In the face of this, our nations and our communities have responded very generously. So far, we have raised about €150,000 and we are directly helping several dozen blessed families who are now refugees. In addition, our volunteers have provided food, clothing, medicines, and toys to thousands more. Thank you all!

The month of April is such an important season and time in our Unification history, and True Mother says it is her favourite month. It was 87 years ago on Easter Sunday that the risen Jesus called our True Father to his mission. Later this month on April 16 we will also celebrate the 62nd Anniversary of that special day in 1960 when Heavenly Parent’s true son and daughter were joined in holy matrimony, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as promised in the Scriptures. On that same day we will celebrate Heavenly Parent’s Day, True Parents’ Day, and the Cosmic Blessing which will include 80 EUME participants.

We would like to remind and encourage all of you to make a Holy Day Donation in support of all these great events. This should be done through your local community, if at all possible, or through our EUME HQ.  The suggested amounts from IHQ in Korea are the same as last year: £95 for an individual, £165 for a family. Here in our region, we are offering two other suggestions: £235 for a clan (a 3-generation family) and £390 for a tribe. If possible, let’s round these amounts up to the same number of Euros.

As always, these are just suggestions and we are always grateful for each and every donation of whatever size, especially during these troubled times. Our goal and our hope is that 100% of our families will offer something in appreciation and gratitude to God.

Finally, I hope you will mark your calendars and join the Holy Day events online in the early morning of Saturday April 16 with True Parents and in full support of those who will be making the long journey to Korea.


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb
Regional President, Heavenly Europe & the Middle East

Summary of Donations:

Please send your donation to your local community with the bank reference: TPD-[initial]-[first 5 letters of surname], e.g. TPD-T-SWEEN

  • £95 for an individual
  • £165 for a family
  • £235 for a clan (a 3-generation family)
  • £390 for a tribe

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