Honouring Sister Barbara van Praag (Video Interview)

Having recently turned 91-years old, Barbara van Praag has lived a life dedicated to realising Heaven’s Will. We catch up with Sister Barbara to hear about her experiences and what advice she has for the younger generation.

Barbara van Praag, affectionately known to many as Aunty Barbara, recently turned 91-years old on the 31st of December 2020.

In recognition of this precious milestone, an online ZOOM reunion was held for Guyanese members (on January 17th) in order to celebrate and honour Sister Barbara.

Sister Barbara is the first member and sister of African descent, originally from Guyana, to join our worldwide Unification movement in 1965, now known as HPHC-FFWPU. 

She was the first member to join the Italian church and is affectionately known as the “Grand Mother” of our Italian movement and witnessed to many members there.

In Italy, when Rev. Sun Myung Moon made his first world tour, she was ever present and has had numerous experiences with the True Parents.

Barbara holds the title of pioneer and “Mother of the Guyanese church” as she dedicated her whole life to witnessing and bringing the teachings of Heavenly Parent and True Parents to people in various nations and continents around the world such as in the USA, The West Indies and in the UK. 

Sister Barbara is also trained opera singer and a brilliantly intelligent woman, who worked to finish her PhD when she was over 80-years old. She now resides in London, Great Britain and has been living in the UK for over twenty years.

She is fondly remembered for her steadfast dedication to Heaven’s Will in heart, soul and deeds which continue to thrive to this very day. 

In recognition of Barbara’s devotion to Heaven’s Will, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon personally sent over some gifts for the pioneer.  

The following video is a video interview where we can hear from Barbara herself. 


Thank you to Lorna Russo, Bryan Lancaster and Donna Martijn for helping to put together and organise this video interview.

You can watch the interview directly on Vimeo by clicking here. 

The following is a video of Dr Balcomb presenting Barbara van Praag with the gifts from Dr Hak Ja Han Moon [True Mother]. 

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